110 Cause and Effect Essay Topics Will Provide You With Fresh Ideas

110 Cause and Effect Essay Topics Will Provide You With Fresh Ideas

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One of the best essays to write is a cause and effect essay. It has a simple and logical structure. It follows a predictable pattern and is one of the fastest essays you can write. They are common in high school and also in some introductory courses in various colleges. They are also widely utilized by writers in the spheres of blogging, news reporting, and editing.
As the name suggests, the essay seeks to explain the cause of a problem and the resultant effects. Simply, it shows how one factor causes another one to occur. The causes and effects could be multiple depending on the subject at hand.

Order Now There are different types of cause and effect. They include:
  • Primary – these are the most important
  • Immediate – these have a direct linkage to the cause and effect
  • Contributory – these are the less important
  • Remote – these are not so common or obvious
In light of the above, let’s consider how you can settle on a cause and effect essay topic.
When choosing a topic for a cause and effect essay, the topic has to have a clear relationship with the causes and effects of the subject at hand. When selecting a viable topic, you can start by scanning for various events, trends, ordeals, issues, and phenomenon that have a cause and effect. Let’s consider some viable cause and effect topics for purposes of illustration.

Some Viable Cause and Effect Topics

1. Causes and Effects Of World War I

You could select a big topic like World War I. This topic is widely known, and various scholars, commentators, and analysts have fronted various causes to the ordeal. In equal measure, the effects that this war had have been recorded and there are sufficient records that highlight these effects.
To write your cause and effect essay, just pick few causes of the war and make linkages to the effects they had. To aid you in this, make some notes before you write the essay to establish limits to your causes and effects.

2. Causes and Effects of the October Revolution

Another example of a big ordeal is the October Revolution of 1917. If say, you pick this as your cause and effect essay topic; you would have a lot to write. The elements that revolve around this revolution are many. However, let’s just pick a few for your essay. The few elements we can pick include:
  • Living conditions
  • War
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History posits that the Russian empire had lost a large number of soldiers in 1905 during the Russo-Japanese War and also World War I. Coupled with the inaction of the provisional government that took over, there were rising emotions on the plight of these fallen soldiers.
On the aspect of living conditions, there was much outcry by the countryside peasants and city workers. They were living in deplorable conditions while the elite were living the high life.
Their extravagant life was funded by the country’s public resources at the expense of mere peasants and city workers who struggled to make ends meet. This elicited angry reactions amongst them as to why some few people had so much while they had so little.
The above idea can be quite a good cause and effect essay topic.

3. What Are The Causes and Effects Of Stress?

Life is never a smooth ride. There are always high and low points. Many things can bring stress into one’s life. As every human is unique and distinct, the specific things that bring stress could vary from person to person. Therefore, a cause and effect essay that revolves around stress can be quite easy to write. Just pick a specific persona and identify the likely causes of stress for such a person. For example, a student may get stressed about too many assignments, inadequate preparation for examinations and surprisingly about their roommate’s behaviors. The resultant effects could be low morale, strained relationships, and despair.

4. What Are The Causes and Effects Of Air Pollution?

When writing this essay, one could start by identifying the particular pollutants that cause air pollution. If possible, one could explain the origin of the pollutants and where they emanate. When writing on the effects, the following aspects could be factored:
  • The health implications
  • Environmental implications
  • Effect on the quality of air
  • Effect on human, plant and animal life

5. What Causes Voter Apathy in Elections?

This topic can be a great cause and effect essay topic owing to the divergent points it has. When people are asked why they don’t vote, many answers are given. Here are some of the answers given that could act as causes:
  • Their vote doesn’t count
  • They don’t have the time
  • They don’t like the candidates that are vying in the elections
  • They are politically neutral
  • Their religious beliefs don’t allow
  • They don’t have the incentive to vote
All these could be viable causes that can be used in your cause and effect essay. You can even go against the grain and explain why people give the above reasons, and why they feel in that particular way.

6. What Causes College Drop-Outs?

College drop-outs are not a new phenomenon. In fact, they are on the rise. The reasons that make students drop out are varied though. Perhaps it could be that they’ve had enough of the struggle to grasp concepts in a particular course. It could also be due to lack of finances to pay for tuition. Work and family obligations bombard other students. You can research and find the most frequent causes of college drop-outs in your locality and link to the effects that they have on the individuals, institutions and the community at large.

7. What Causes Teenage Drug Abuse and What Are The Effects?

This is a widely talked subject and can form a great cause and effect essay topic. Teenage drug abuse is rampant, and it could be caused by several factors:
  • Bad company
  • Bad parenting
  • Curiosity
  • Rebellious behavior

Choose any of the above causes and delve into it. Form solid connections to the various effects that it has on the teenagers as well as other parties that may be affected.

List Of Cause and Effect Essay Topics:
  1. The Causes Of The Drug Wars In Colombia And Its Implication On The Population
  2. What Are The Effects Of Cyber Bullying?
  3. What Are The Effects Of Technology On Commerce?
  4. What Effect Does Divorce Have On Families?
  5. The Causes And Effects Of Domestic Violence
  6. The Impact Of Stress On Health
  7. The Cause And Effect Of Cheating In Examinations
  8. What Caused The Cold War And What Were The Effects?
  9. The Effect Of Online Trading On Businesses
  10. What Are The Causes And Effects Of Alcoholism?
  11. The Causes And Effects Of Drug Addiction On An Individual
  12. The Causes And Effects Of Crime In Society.
  13. What Causes Individuals To Avoid Commitment In Relationships?
  14. Causes And Effects Of Sibling Rivalry
  15. Effect Of Abortion On Human Health
  16. Causes And Effects Of Teenage Rebellion
  17. What Is The Effect Of Long Distance Relationships On Couples?
  18. Effects Of Single Parenthood On A Child’s Development
  19. What Causes High School Dropouts And What Are The Effects?
  20. What Are The Causes And Effects Of Poverty In Society?
  21. The Effect Of Industrial Emissions On The Environment
  22. What Causes Cancer And What Are Its Effects?
  23. The Effect Of Poverty On Educational Development Of Children
  24. What Is The Effect Of Discrimination Of Women On Societal Progress?
  25. What Is The Cause Of Childhood Obesity? What Are The Effects?
  26. The Cause Of Unemployment And Effects On The Economy
  27. The Causes Of Effects Of Racism
  28. What Is The Cause Of Waterborne Disease And What Are The Effects?
  29. What Causes HIV And How Is It Spread?
  30. The Effects Of Globalization
  31. What Causes Voter Apathy And What Are The Effects?
  32. The Causes And Effects Of Drug Resistance To Anti-Biotic Drugs
  33. What Is The Cause Of Malaria And What Are The Effects On The Population?
  34. What Causes Domestic Violence? What Are The Effects On Families?
  35. Causes And Effects Of Hair Loss
  36. The Causes And Effects Of Blindness
  37. The Effect That Technology Has On Human Health
  38. What Causes Heart Diseases?
  39. The Social Effects Of HIV
  40. The Effect Of E-Commerce In Business Transactions
  41. What Are The Effects Of Violent Video Games On Children?
  42. What Causes Discrimination In Schools And What Are The Effects On Educational Development?
  43. What Caused The Franco-Prussian War?
  44. What Causes Work Burnout And What Are The Effects?
  45. The Causes And Effects Of Illegal Migration On Countries
  46. What Causes Countries To Engage In War?
  47. What Are The Causes And Effects Of Emigration On A Country?
  48. The Causes And Effects Of Brain Drain On A Country’s Economy
  49. The Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes In America
  50. What Could Be The Causes Of Global Warming And What Are The Effects On The Environment?
  51. The Environmental Effects Of Deforestation
  52. What Is The Effect Of Poor Housing In Society?
  53. The Effect Of Technology On Education
  54. What Has Caused The Increase In The Use Of Social Media Among Teenagers?
  55. What Causes Students To Cheat In Exams And What Are The Effects On Their Educational Development?
  56. What Causes Mental Breakdowns Amongst Students?
  57. Causes And Effects Of Alcoholism
  58. The Causes Of Insomnia And The Health Effects
  59. Effects Of Eating GMO Foods
  60. What Causes Sports Violence? What Are The Effects?
  61. The Effects Of Pornography On Mental Development
  62. What Causes Smoking Addiction?
  63. The Effects Of Video Game Addiction On Children And Adults
  64. Causes And Effects Of Peer Pressure
  65. The Causes And Effects Of Racial Discrimination
  66. The Effects Of Unemployment On Families
  67. What Causes Childhood Delinquency?
  68. The Effects Of Loud Music On Hearing
  69. The Effects Of Drink Driving
  70. The Effects Of Texting While Driving
  71. What Causes Road Accidents? What Are The Effects?
  72. What Causes Job Dissatisfaction?
  73. What Are The Effects Of Low Job Morale?
  74. What Causes Students To Work While Still Studying?
  75. What Effect Does Financial Incentive Have On Staff Morale?
  76. What Causes Lack Of Sleep And What Are The Effects?
  77. What Are The Effects Of Anarchy In Society?
  78. What Causes Citizen Disobedience To Law?
  79. Effects Of Impunity On A Democracy
  80. Causes And Effects Of Corruption In Society
  81. What Causes Revolutions And What Are The Effects?
  82. The Effect Of Social Networks On Real Life Interactions
  83. Causes And Effects If The Greenhouse Effect
  84. The Causes Of Emotional Instability And Effects On Individuals
  85. The Effects Of Alcohol Impairment On Moral Decisions
  86. The Causes And Effects Of Sexual Promiscuity
  87. Effects Of High Blood Pressure On Human Health
  88. Causes And Effects Of Revolts In Developing Countries
  89. Causes And Effects Of Low Self-Esteem On Character Development
  90. The Effect Of Cramming On Conceptual Skills
  91. What Led To British Colonization Of African States?
  92. What Caused The Jewish Holocaust?
  93. The Effect Of Colonialism On African States
  94. What Leads To Forced Marriage And What Effect Does It Have?
  95. What Caused The Arab Spring? What Were The Effects?
  96. The Effect Of De-Based Music
  97. Causes Of Market Failure
  98. Effects Of Government Intervention In Markets
  99. The Effect Of Monopolism In Business
  100. The Effects Of Doping In Sports
  101. The Causes Of Infertility In Women
  102. The Causes Of Impotence Among Men
  103. The Effects Of Anabolic Body Building Supplements

  104. Developing your Cause and Effect Essay Topic into an Essay

    With the above different examples of cause and effect essay ideas, we assume that you’ve settled for one. Now that you’ve chosen your cause and effect essay topic, you can start writing your essay.

    The following guideline will be of help as you write your cause and effect essay topic:

    Start by Drafting an Outline

    An outline will help you to develop your thoughts and points chronologically before you start writing your essay. It gives you the chance to gather as many points as possible from your research.

    Pick on a Structure

    Since you’re writing an essay, it is essential to select a viable structure. You could choose to structure your work such that one cause of a problem has many effects whereas many causes create a single effect. Or you could write an equal number of causes for an equal number of effects. It is all in your prerogative to decide on the best structure.

    Introduce your Essay

    In a cause and effect essay, the introduction gives the background of the subject. The cause is explained, and focus is directed to understanding its effects. The purpose of the essay is also given. The introductory paragraph should always end with a thesis statement.

    Present Your Arguments

    After introducing the essay, go ahead and present your arguments. This should form the body of your cause and effect essay. Have about three substantive arguments. Always refer to your cause frequently to help form linkages. This will greatly help your readers to understand and process the causes and effects.
    Don’t write too many points. Zero down to three strong ones and base your essay on those. This will forestall any confusion to your readers.

    Have a Strong Conclusion

    A cause and effect essay should have a strong conclusion for it to be more memorable to the reader. This involves restating the main points. In our case, this translates to restating the causes and effects succinctly.
    The reader should be able to see what the causes are and their connection to the effects discussed.


    The above-highlighted cause and effect essay topics are timely. They can be used to develop great essays. The tips that have also been given on how to write a cause and effect essay can be utilized for developing top cause and effect essays.