Full List Of Research Paper Topics

Full List Of Research Paper Topics

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A lot of people say that the most difficult aspect of writing a research paper as knowing where to start. Unfortunately, one can feel either stressed about writer’s block or overwhelmed with the amount of choice available. Fortunately for you, we have come up with a series of research paper topics that will be very handy for you to use.

We have collected all of the best topics and ideas to aid you in your research paper process. With our help, you can get a great head start and of course if at any point you require some assistant, our team of essay writers will be able to assist you at any point.

When you write a research paper topic, you can produce one from scratch, based on all of your interests, or you can brainstorm some ideas. It’s also possible to get inspiration from a number of different sources, such as course materials, public speakers, news headlines, something you’ve read in the literature and of course, our list of research paper topics.

Observe your interest

What exactly are you interested in? What aspect of a field of study is most exciting to you? Answering these two questions will help you set up some confusion around coming up with an interesting research paper topic. It is very important to decide what interests you the most – don’t just go for the easiest topic or a topic that everybody else seems to be doing. If you go down that route, you may find that you won’t be able to come up with something unique. If you’re not emotionally and intellectually invested in a topic, you may find that you lose interest rather quickly, so do choose something that is interesting to you.

Check any information

We should think of your topic as the backbone and information as the flesh in a proverbial essay skeleton. Before you even begin researching, you need to figure out if there is enough information for you to include in the main body section of the research paper. Make sure that you find good information of high quality. Quotes from infographics online just won’t cut it! The best sources of information are peer-reviewed articles, journals, repeatedly published books and scientific information. Essentially anything that deals with facts and reality is why you want to check and research. It is important to prepare in advance and see if there is anything that is worth writing about.

What three types of research question are there?

Before we get started on some essay topics, let’s have a look at how to formulate a research question. By doing this, we will look at three different types of question. It is important to consider these types are that you know what you’re going to write about.

A causal question – this involves investigating whether some factors lead to a change in other factors, suggesting some sort of causal relationship.

A descriptive question here you will employ the use of observations and descriptions of certain phenomena/events so that you can characterise them in greater detail and reveal their importance.

A comparative question – this type of question looks into the differences and similarities between one or more things/ideas.

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What makes an outstanding research paper topic?

There are numerous features that tend to categorise outstanding research questions. Some of these are as follows:

Originality – by investigating some sort of aspect or idea that has not been researched extensively, one can produce an original research paper.

Concrete and specific when somebody investigates anything, they need to be focused, clear and concise, with a lot of evidence to back up arguments and opinions.

Trending one can write about trending disciplines and topics which sparked a lot of interest because they are novel and usually unexplored.

All of the experts in our team have carefully developed brilliant research paper topics that can be used today. If you speak to 1 of our team members, they can assist you with any part of your research paper process. We work diligently to provide quick, stress free and simple service, so get in contact with us today if you need any assistance.

Sociological research paper topics

  • The implications of child-rearing in LGBT families

  • Radicalization of moderates and its effect on society

  • What exact degree should guardians expect their children to have?

  • The ideas of the most well-known racial generalizations and how truthful they are.

  • How cross-racial reception influences kids in society.

  • The impact that mental health campaigns have on society

  • The relationship between economic wellbeing and nationalism.

  • How do racial generalizations influence confidence and awareness?

  • Is it conceivable to bring a solid kid up in a hostile family?

  • How does nationality influence a profession?

  • The impact of catholicism on society

  • The social achievement that white-collar class kids can accomplish

  • Human science of families and marriage

  • The effectiveness of the Black Lives Matter movement in combating racism

  • How have worldwide relational unions change over time?

  • How has remote work impacted economic productivity?

  • The impacts of separation on kids

  • The impact that black nationalist movements have on society

  • Social projects for kids who experience challenges in correspondence with guardians

  • What is the relationship between race and education?

  • How does single parenting influence a kid?

  • The impact of islamic teachings on society

  • Sex exams for youngsters: should kids take in it from youth or wait till adulthood?

  • The most effective method to combat helicopter parenting.

Technology research paper ideas

  • Should data innovation and Internet accessibility make telecommuting the standard?

  • In what manner will innovation completely change us in twenty years time?

  • What is the most significant new innovation for taking care of world issues?

  • Innovation is changing so rapidly that we are much of the time utilizing PCs, programming programs, and different advancements that have disappointing glitches and issues. Is there an answer to these problems?

  • What are the ramifications of regularly expanding globalization through the innovation of the worldwide economy?

  • What kind of hereditary data should guardians look for about their youngsters and in what capacity may this impact bringing up that kid?

  • Do advanced smartphone devices make us better at our jobs?

  • Should individuals get personality chips embedded under their skin?

  • Does the Internet need controls or oversights? Assuming this is the case, what kind?

  • What are the new ways individuals can utilize innovation to change the world?

  • What are the long haul impacts of living in a mechanical world? Are these generally negative or positive?

  • Will governments like China keep on having the option to control residents’ access to the Internet and online networking?

  • Can video gaming truly help take care of world issues?

  • How has online life tackled and made issues in nations outside the U.S.?

  • How do web-based social networking, messaging, PDAs, and the Internet make the world better?

  • Should individuals in all nations have equivalent access to mechanical improvements?

  • How are minds not quite the same as PCs?

  • In the event that insurance companies have hereditary data about youngsters, when and in what capacity would it be a good idea for them to use that information?

  • On the off chance that individuals have hereditary testing, who should be privileged to use it?

  • When does it become ethically unsound to “build” a child?

  • How is automation going to change schools and learning?

  • How does our experience of social collaboration with different people impact the manner in which we interact with machines?

  • Would having vehicles that drive themselves be a good idea?

Argumentative research paper topics

  • When should citizens be able to begin drinking and smoking?

  • Advertising tobacco must be made illegal.

  • All drugs should be legalized.

  • GM foods only serve to increase the price of food on a global level.

  • President Trump of the United States of America should be impeached.

  • Sex toy should be outlawed.

  • All bicycle users should be made to wear helmets.

  • Pornography should be banned throughout the world.

  • Capital punishment ought to be enacted in each nation of the world

  • Should court procedures be recorded for TV?

  • Commercial DNA testing kits should not be allowed.

  • Was the Industrial Revolution a Europe-wide wonder in the nineteenth century?

  • Liquor use ought to be controlled

  • Vehicles should be fitted with breathalysers.

  • The policies of far right politicians in Europe are abhorrent.

  • Religion has no place in our society today.

  • The legalisation of sex worker should be made a priority.

  • More causes more problems than it attempts to solve.

  • People should not be allowed to have children before the age of 21.

  • Muslims should be banned from the United States.

  • Plastic surgery should not be available on the National Health Service.

  • Alcopops ought to be prohibited and made illicit

  • Smoking should be made completely illegal.

  • Much like the government in Bhutan, people should take happiness more seriously as a political priority.

  • The Vietnam War was a complete waste of time and the tragic loss of life – study into the impact of this war

  • Companies like Monsanto should not be creating GM foods.

  • All in all, is there equity for all?

  • The most appropriate age to vote should be 16.

  • The death penalty ought to be abolished.

  • The Catholic Church should be put on trial for all the atrocities it commits in today’s society.

  • Bicycles should have number plates and be treated as vehicles as part of the highway code.

  • Trump should have no place in the political system.

  • Children should not be made to pledge their allegiance to the flag in the United States of America schooling system.

  • Smoking in open spots must be restricted

Chemistry research paper ideas

  • How can one conduct a chemical experiment?
  • Different kind of corrections that sublimation can have.
  • Experiments in firmer chemistry.
  • A study of chemical changes with substance abuse.
  • The endocrine system and how it responds to different food.
  • An analysis of hydrolysis.
  • How does the chemistry of love operate? Do we have a concrete understanding?
  • The different rules that chemistry lessons should have.
  • A comparison between dispersion and suspension.
  • Chemical formulas relating to mole ratio.
  • The neutralisation of acid.
  • Identification of isotopes.
  • The effectiveness of DNA testing kits to deal with their chemistry.
  • Laboratory skills and how they are required for chemical experiments.
  • Changing laws around gas production.
  • Differing pH levels in fruit and vegetables.
  • The practical impacts that thermodynamics has in chemistry.
  • Analysis of molecular polarity.
  • Experiments in kinetics.
  • Dalton’s law and how it has had an impact on chemistry.
  • The oxidation of bases and acids.

Controversial topics for research paper

  • Where are the cutoff points of provocation?

  • Is sex work genuine work? The advantages and disadvantages of prostitution.

  • Opportunity versus security: what amount of control will governments have over our lives?

  • The morals of surrogate parenthood

  • Will we welcome every disabled person in the future?

  • Is heftiness the new standard?

  • Religion is the root of all evil.

  • Present day excellence norms: a route to a sound mind?

  • What will jail look like in the future for repeat offenders?

  • The implications of of self-protection.

  • Single-sex schools: raising women and respectable men or disengaging kids from one another?

  • Will national societies be saved when globalization occurs?

  • Is veganism good for wellbeing?

  • Young relational unions: are there situations where supporting them as dangerous?

  • Would censorship be able to be supported following a breach of national security?

  • Homoeopathy: a conventional cure or hokum?

  • The UN is a corrupt organisation.

  • Do houses of worship become business in today’s society?

  • Are single guardians still shunned by the general public?

  • Would someone be able to create another religion only for individual purposes?

  • Could human cloning be permitted?

  • Does sex still sell? Tapping on our basic impulses – is it right?

  • Should people be making a pilgrimage to Mecca? A study about indirect human rights violations.

  • Could every one of the religions be converged into one to stop religious wars?

  • should kids from religious families pick their religion when they grow up?

  • Did Stalin raise the USSR to be a cult of personality?

  • should euthanasia be able to the available in every country on request?

  • What measures are defended when battling psychological depression?

  • Depression should not be diagnosed as a disease.

  • What can be done about military veterans?

  • The European Union is corrupt and should be abolished.

  • Should immigrants go back to their countries?

Criminal justice research paper ideas

  • The different types of American prisoner.

  • The effective immigration on crime rates.

  • Should teenagers be condemned to prison with life sentences?

  • College campus racial conflicts.

  • The difference in slavery between now and a hundred years ago.

  • Police officers and fashion.

  • The 10 commandments have no place in our criminal justice system.

  • The influence of rap music and crime.

  • Discrimination and how it affects negotiation.

  • Should retribution be the ethical basis for our criminal justice system?

  • Racial profiling in America.

  • The effects of gender bias on eyewitness reports.

  • USA persons versus Norwegian persons is there anything that either country can learn?

  • The effectiveness of DNA testing as forensic evidence.

  • Apartheid and how it affected South African life.

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History research paper topics

  • What were the three fundamental drivers of the Boer War?

  • Who was Germany’s most powerful author?

  • Sovereignty and the idea of Divine Right rulership in seventeenth-century Italy.

  • What was the effect of Martin Luther King’s challenge against the Catholic church?

  • What was the effect of the slave exchange on the European economy?

  • What was the relationship between’s the Roman and Greek cultures during the Roman Empire?

  • How were church buildings fabricated?

  • What were the results of the women’s suffrage movement?

  • Aztec realm and its design.

  • How did the guillotine impact the French Revolution?

  • What were the effects of World War II on the privileges of when?

  • What was the motivation behind Morality plays in Medieval England?

  • What variables letter to the start of WWII?

  • Is progressivism the most ideal arrangement?

  • How did the Italian Renaissance painters profit by the craftsmanship support framework?

  • How has Asian workmanship affected contemporary craftsmanship>

  • What is the best military system ever?

  • How have diverse money related frameworks influenced the improvement of humankind?

  • What is the Gutenberg Bible?

Persuasive research paper topics

  • Parents should be responsible for their children if they do something illegal.

  • Public school cafeterias should not serve French fries.

  • Parents should always check that their children may be carrying knives.

  • Coed School is a thing of the past. Discuss.

  • Restaurants should not be serving children soda.

  • In a modern classroom, exams should be reformed to match student ability.

  • The Internet was an inherently bad thing for our lives.

  • Advertisements should not be placed in a school.

  • Parents must not be responsible for teaching sexual education to their children.

  • All public places should be places where breastfeeding is allowed.

  • Children under 18 should be allowed to drink any alcohol they want as long as parents consent to it being okay.

Medical research paper topics

  • Can doctors turn their patients into relentless drug addicts based on what they prescribe?

  • The use of animal testing in today’s society.

  • Medical marijuana, its uses, pros and cons.

  • How does obesity affect our long-term health?

  • Placebos and how they work in treatment.

  • The effect of cow milk on the body.

  • The effect of vegetarianism on child growth.

  • What kind of life-sustaining therapies are futile?

  • What risks can vaccines pose?

  • Should we be able to take any drugs that we want?

Education research paper ideas

  • Use of medal giving in schools.

  • Metal detectors do they hold any place in a high school?

  • Education needs to be cheaper.

  • The effect of social networking on school performance.

  • How can modern technology change schooling for the future?

  • Two college graduates actually make more money than those who have not gone to college?

  • How has technology changed the classroom today?

  • How can lesson planning be improved?

  • Standardised testing always a good idea?

  • Contemporary teaching methods in the 21st century.

  • Peculiar ways of learning and how they can improve today’s society.

  • The effect of bullying on child performance.

  • Are drugs in all of our schools nowadays?

Environmental research paper topics

  • There need to be more films about environmental catastrophes.

  • GMO foods and their pros and cons.

  • How can one reduce global warming impacts?

  • Managing overpopulation.

  • How can people stop cutting down trees?

  • Is it possible to rid the world of Hurricane impacts?

  • The effect of deforestation on global climate change.

  • How can we adapt our buildings to protect citizens against hurricanes?

  • The underground effects of groundwater pollution.

  • Nuclear power and its safety – can we rely on it for our electricity production?

Entertainment and sports research paper topics

  • Can we use social media to boost people’s self-esteem?

  • Should men be allowed to compete in women races?

  • How have reality TV programs and post strange moral standards?

  • The effect of videogames on our long-term health.

  • As the 21st century seeing the end of the common newspaper print?

  • What factors make children crawl and angry when watching TV?

  • What sort of film should be completely banned?

  • Is social media good for society?

  • The effect of gaming consoles on youth social skills.

  • Shed five-year-olds really be allowed to participate in beauty contests?

  • Is it necessary to use animals in our entertainment today?

Political research paper topics

  • Should we allow capital punishment in today’s society?

  • Is socialism the failed experiment or can we have a socialist society?

  • Should one increase the drinking age today?

  • Should adults have rights to carry concealed weapons with them?

  • How can we rid the world of ethnic cleansing?

  • How can one avoid strikes in the workplace?

  • Do we need walls to function in society?

  • How can we resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine?

  • They need to be more strict gun controls in the United States of America.

  • How can international communities come together to stop Iranian enrichment of uranium?

Psychology ideas for research paper

  • How can children deal with violence?

  • What are the different ways we can prevent breakdowns?

  • What is the role of early intervention when dealing with psychosis patients?

  • The effective depression on the immune response in the body.

  • Our people naturally gifted or is it all due to social effects?

  • The impact of stress on our body.

  • How does classical music help to change one’s mood for the better?

  • Do bad dreams really tell us something about our mood?

  • Effect of autism on society.

  • This insomnia one of the worst diseases that one can suffer from?

Topics on teachnology and science.

  • Hhow can wild animals have better interactions with people? Is it necessary for them to do this?

  • What does the future hold for artificial intelligence?

  • Can people use bitcoin to protect themselves from identity theft?

  • Can cryogenics really play a part in the future?

  • The pros and cons of trying to get to mars.

  • How can light be used in the treatment of cancer?

  • The pros and cons of self driving cars in the future.

  • What kind of energy sources can replace fossil fuels?

Popular culture topics

  • The cultural revolution and how it has impacted history.

  • The impact of the Victorian period on 21st century culture.

  • The impact that advertisements have on our society.

  • anti-Semitism and its effects.

  • How can pop culture influence young people?

  • Racial discrimination in the 21st-century.

  • What have been the most remarkable achievements in the 21st-century and how have they impacted on culture?

  • How this philosophy made an impact on culture?

  • Do we really need to expose pregnant celebrities in magazines?

Research topics on business

  • Can one start a business without any money to mark

  • How can sustainable development impact start-ups?

  • What does it take to run a successful business?

  • Are there any dirty business tactics that actually work?

  • The role of threats in business tactics.

  • Ethical dilemmas in business.

  • The impact that climate change has an international business.

  • What has made some of the world’s most notorious business leaders so successful?

  • What have been the most effective strategies for promoting small businesses around the world?

  • Do we really need to expand businesses into new countries?

  • Are family businesses a good idea? What are the pros and cons?

  • The ethical decisions that people make in business.

Research paper topics on religion

  • The effect of the Catholic Church on paedophilia.

  • How is creationism been taught in schools?

  • Should the church always be separated from the state in every country around the world?

  • What is the role of religion in sexual education?

  • The different ways that churches are branching out.

  • Missionary services and how they operate around the world.

  • The role of science in relation.

  • The theory of revolution and how it impacts on religious education.

  • Intelligent design and its influence on science.

  • The teaching of pseudoscience in schools.