100 + Sports Research Paper Topics

100 + Sports Research Paper Topics

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Research paper topics on sports are highly varied and there are so many different topics one can write about. After all, sports have existed for several thousand years. Throughout our civilisation, many people have had to struggle to survive. People have had to get fit and be of good physical strength and so sports were born. As civilisations have developed, modern sport was invented by the end of the 19th century.

Sports appearance is usually associated with rapid urban cultural development. The origins of sport in modern society lie in the need to gain physical strength, but also for leisure as well. Sports in today’s society serve as a vehicle for the alleviation of many cultural and social problems. The sporting industry is powerful and sport related markets are booming.

Here in this article, we have gathered up the most interesting and topical sports topics for research paper. One can use these as research paper topics or they can glance at them to get ideas rolling. We’ve come up with many topics related to various categories, such as sports medicine research paper topics and sports economics research paper topics. You can choose the direction that you want to follow with our help. Let’s have a look at some great topics that you can use today!

Tips for sport research papers

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with sports psychology topics for research paper or whether you’re trying to come up with argumentative research paper topics on sports, there are some great tips that anyone can follow. Let’s have a look at some because they will apply for any sports essays.

  • Keep your introduction concise and to the point. There should be a thesis statement which serves as the underlying premise of your essay.

  • Avoid writing about anything controversial in sport, unless you can backup these controversies.

  • Make sure you do a final spelling and grammar check at the end.

  • Edit your work after completion.

  • Never introduce any new ideas in your conclusion!

Now that you’ve learned about some tips, let’s take a look at different research topics to get the ball rolling. Use some of these topics to bounce ideas around. You could even take one of these topics and use them on your own we won’t mind, do as you please!

Sports Medicine Research Paper Topics

  • The chronobiological advantages of qualified athletes.

  • The influence that yoga has on people experiencing either periods or menopause.

  • The effect of an absence of sport on obesity and cardiovascular health.

  • The differences and similarities between heart rate monitoring.

  • The causes and effects of the Olympic Games over the past hundred years.

  • The effect of doping drugs on sports ethics practices.

  • An analysis of the functional states of adolescents who engage in professional sport.

  • The pros and cons of caffeine and how it affects athletic performance.

  • The influence that sport activities have on the functional activity of athletes.

  • The varying effects of sport practice among people who have heart disease.

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Sports Injury Research Paper Topics

  • Different types of injuries in powerlifting, weightlifting and bodybuilding.

  • Comparing contrasts the effects of sport traumas amongst teenagers and preschool children.

  • The effectiveness of therapeutic tape on gymnastics injuries.

  • The mechanism, localisation and treatment of injuries in sports.

  • A study of different ailments used to treat sport injuries throughout the past hundred years.

  • The effect of alcohol as sports injury relief.

  • The specificity of sports injury treatments amongst adolescents and children.

  • Rehabilitation of ligament injuries in the sporting industry.

  • The statistics of volleyball injuries and how we can prevent further trauma in the future.

  • Physical rehabilitation of gymnasts.

  • Doping methods to temporarily relieve sport injury.

  • Prevention of injury amongst football players.

  • The effectiveness of mouthguards on dental hygiene.

  • The effect that American football has on the body.

Sports Psychology Topics for Research Papers

  • Neuro Linguistic programming and its use in sports today..

  • Comparative analysis of aggression in sports.

  • Wrestling and the effect that this has on long-term mental health.

  • The physiological and psychological aspects of taking drugs in sport.

  • Regulation and motivation of athletes.

  • Concentration and its scientific characteristics among athletes today.

  • Training methods employed by sports psychologists for accuracy.

  • Psychoactive drugs and their use in sport

  • Professional athletes and how they benefit from sport psychologists.

  • The emotions and needs of women in sport today.

  • The psychological preparation of gymnasts.

  • Meditation and its use in sport for concentration.

  • Problems posed by gender-related issues in sport psychology.

Sports Theory Research Paper Topics

  • A comparative analysis of different types of athlete.

  • The most effective basketball formations.

  • The peculiar nature of training programs for toddlers.

  • Biomechanics of Nordic walking and how it is different from usual walking.

  • The most useful football formation in a match.

  • Coordination and how it varies between gender.

  • The ways that one can engage couch potatoes in sports.

  • Effective use of formation in cycling

  • Team sports and how unique approaches are used in training programs.

  • The effects of the short interval and long interval training schemes.

  • The need for coaches and scientists to work together.

  • A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of stretching on the high jump performance.

  • A sociological study into sports leaders.

  • Differing cultural identity amongst sports of south-east Asian countries.

Sports Nutrition Topics

  • The effective nutritional supplements for professional athletes.

  • The pros and cons of using protein isolate in sports nutrition.

  • The use of whey for bodybuilding.

  • Micro-elements and their role in sports nutrition.

  • The difference methods of creating individual diets for athletes.

  • Sports nutrition and how coaches need to interact with nutritionists.

  • The effect of water on body function.

  • The effects of isotonic drink for performance and rehydration after a workout.

  • The pros and cons of pre-workout drinks do they work?

  • How to incorporate a balanced diet for a weightlifter.

  • The different elements of a balanced diet and how they apply to sports nutrition.

  • The development of functional nutrition in martial arts.

  • Nutritional support and how it can be provided for young athletes.

Sports Doping Topics

  • The different ways that anabolic steroids can be detected by science.

  • Cardiovascular disease and the risk factors that doping creates.

  • The influence of doping on health of professional athletes.

  • The problem that parents can bring on young athletes to start doping.

  • Autotransfusion and how it affects different athletes bodies in sport.

  • Effective anabolic steroids on muscle growth.

  • Steroids and how they affect memory of athletes.

  • Arterial thrombosis and why steroids pose a problem.

  • How doping testing has changed over the last 50 years.

  • A connection between physical and cognitive functions of doping.

  • How has the anti-doping code of the world changed in the last 20 years?

Ball Sport Research Paper Topics

  • The fact that Mentor training has before a tennis player can compete in a match.

  • The different criteria that are used to select basketball players.

  • The most common injuries that basketball players face.

  • The differences of training programs throughout children.

  • Relationships between personal trait of football players and personal traits of other sports players.

  • The competitive pressures that professional basketball players face.

  • The process of evaluation throughout young athletes lives.

  • The most common injuries that tennis players face.

  • The influence that football lessons can have on student memory.

  • How to increase reactions in football players.

  • Eye injuries and how they can be prevented during basketball training.

  • How to use basketball training programs to develop endurance in children.

  • The different pressures that semi professional football players can face.

  • How ball sports impact on child psychology.

  • How football players need to attack in the game.

  • Psychological approaches and techniques to training young future football stars.

  • The difference of injury faced in training and during a match.

  • The most common injuries amongst football players.

  • Menstrual disorder and its impact upon soccer training in girls.

  • The ways to avoid injuries when playing cricket.

  • The differences between training programs for male and female basketball players.

  • Poor dental health and how it affects the performance of basketball players.

  • The pros and cons of being tall when playing basketball.

  • The recent use of jumping exercises for goalkeeper training.

  • The most common injuries amongst basketball players.

  • How to avoid injury when playing cricket.

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Argumentative Research Paper Topics on Sports

  • All animal sports, including horseracing and bullfighting, should be immediately banned.

  • Hunting should be banned and completely prohibited by law.

  • Any extreme sports for our entertainment should be prohibited by law.

  • The use of alcohol advertising during sporting events should be banned.

  • Government should rid the world of betting on sporting events.

  • Not every good sports man can become a good coach.

  • Coaches must look out for the health of their athletes as their number one priority.

  • Athletes that have exhibited inborn talent are much more important than the skills that their coaches have.

  • Every good coach has the ability to lose their own self-control.

  • Only women coaches should work with women athletes.

  • Bodybuilding should not be appropriate for women.

  • Female boxing is a lot less important than men’s boxing.

  • Female tennis players can compete in non-gendered leaks.

  • Both male and female athlete should get equal salaries.

  • Female athletes are more likely to injure themselves than men.

  • Only the first moves are the most important in a game of chess.

  • Chess is a sport.

  • Card games are considered a sport.

  • Fishing is one of the most docile sports in the world.

  • Nothing can improve one’s life more than sport.

  • Sport is the best stress relief out there.

  • Should all athletes be regarded as role models for young children?

  • Steroids should be outlawed in society.

  • Doping drugs should be allowed in sport.

  • Anabolic steroids should be allowed in sport

  • Press conferences should not be allowed in sport.

  • VAR – does it ruin a football game?

  • It is up to the team to call themselves whatever they want people should not get angry about offensive team names in sport.

  • Should players receive some ad royalties from their sponsors?

  • If there is a corrupt organisation that is creating lots of problems for sport.

  • The World Cup should be gendered.

  • Michael Jordan is a role model for everyone.

  • Stricter dress codes need to be implemented in the NBA.

  • Native American mascots in football – should these be outlawed?

  • What is an acceptable age for a young child to start weightlifting?

  • Control is more important than power and speed in Formula One.

  • Major league baseball should be outlawed.

  • Betting on sporting events should be completely outlawed.

  • How fair is it that you can have a cap on your head but not on your beer when the national anthem is played at stadiums?

  • Is it right that people can fight a bareknuckle?

  • Do clubs help people fight?

  • Hockey fighting should be outlawed in ice hockey.

  • Tennis tournaments should have separate awards for the loudest players.

  • Business administration is less of a lucrative degree than sports management.

  • Sports chat is the future of the radio industry.

  • The benefits that exercise every day has its overwhelming. Discuss how certain type of activity has an effect on the mood of adolescents.

  • How do different sports affect different cognitive skills? Can one prevent neurodegenerative disorders through the use of sport? Focus on different examples.

  • Regular exercising at the gym does not improve one’s mental health.

  • GYM exercising can increase a person’s social skills.

  • Formula One training in children is dangerous.

  • Sport should not be taught to anyone below the age of two.

  • Different sports can be used as great tools for community development.

  • Is cyber sport the future?

  • Athletes should remain apathetic and their political views should not be discussed.

  • Sports has no role in the prevention of eating disorders.

  • Eating disorders can be significantly reduced through cardiovascular exercise.

  • Gambling needs to be legalised across all different types of sport. Discuss the positive and negative implications that gambling on sporting events can have on the economy.

  • Sports hold no place in improving gross motor skills in three-year-olds. Discuss.

  • Communities would be better off without bloodsports. Discuss.

  • Ethics in sport are increasingly interlinked disciplines.

  • The different ethical ways that one can reduce doping in sport.

  • Women should not be able to compete in male orientated events.

  • Depression and anxiety can have massive effects on physical injury..

  • Women and men need both physical and psychological rehabilitation after injuries occur.

  • Traumas and children as a result of sport can have long run consequences.

  • Sporting injuries can negatively impact on stress management.