110 Satire Essay Topics

110 Satire Essay Topics

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It is essential when coming up with good satire topics to identify your audience and craft your work in a way that appeals to your readers. This is what makes excellent satirical topics.

Below are 110 best satire essay topics to help you get started.

Satire Essay Topics for College Students

At a particular point, you will be required to write an essay using satire essay topics. Familiarizing yourself with them enough times to get experience is therefore vital. Here are a few examples of satire ideas:

  1. How To Flunk Your Exams While Having Fun Doing It
  2. No Need For A Best Friend When You Can Have A Pet
  3. Social Media Platforms Are The Better Option For Making Friends
  4. How To Avoid Doing Your Chores And Get Away With It
  5. Reasons Why School Is A Complete Waste Of Time
  6. Guidelines On How To Fail Your Exams
  7. How To Excel In School Without Studying
  8. How Mathematics Can Become Your Favorite Subject In School
  9. Why Going To School Is A Complete Waste Of Time
  10. Reasons To Connect With Your Parents On Social Media
  11. Order Now
  12. My Least Favorite Subject
  13. What I Hate About My Parents
  14. Why Social Media Is Important In A Student’s Life
  15. Why Dropping Out Of School Could Be The Best Decision
  16. Reasons Why Students And Teachers Should Wear Uniforms
  17. Why Getting A College Education Is Not Important
  18. Should Students Get Well Paying Jobs In College?
  19. Why School Boards Should Get Abolished
  20. Why Students Should Not Get Punished In Schools
  21. Reasons Why High School Proms Should Get Abolished

  22. Satire Topics on History, Politics, and Governance

  23. Politics and History are the subjects where one wouldn’t like to be left behind, not knowing what’s going on. Some good satire topics here could include:
  24. Is Freedom Of Speech A Necessity?
  25. Why We Should Believe Our Politicians
  26. Why Donald Trump Stands Out Among The Previous Presidents
  27. Reasons Why Russia Is America’s Top Ally
  28. Why North Korea’s Press Freedom Is The Preferred Option
  29. Top 10 Reasons Why Brexit Is Good For Britain
  30. How Aliens Built The Great Wall Of China
  31. Is Communism Direct Opposite Of Capitalism?
  32. Reasons Why Kenneth Bone Turned into A Sensation At The Presidential Debate
  33. Reasons Captain America Should Become The Next America’s President
  34. Is Gun Control Talk Overrated?
  35. How Racism Should Be Discouraged By Interracial Marriages
  36. Obamacare Is The Best Health Care Plan For All
  37. Ways Of Confronting Terrorists With Comic Books
  38. Reasons Why All Countries Should Have Border Walls
  39. Exercising Your Rights To Vote In Fun Ways
  40. How The Aliens Built The Egyptian Pyramids
  41. Ways Of Confronting Terrorists With Peace Messages
  42. Ways People Can Benefit If Animals Got Granted Equal Rights
  43. Reasons Fox News Should Cover All Trump Related News

  44. Satire Ideas on Sports and Leisure

  45. Everyone has one sport that’s close to their heart. Below are satire topics that you could use here:
  46. Why Soccer Matches Should Be Closed Events As They Lead To Fights
  47. Why Violent People At Sporting Events Should Be Made To Attend Such Functions In Their Inner Wears
  48. Reason Why All Practice Jerseys Of All Sportspeople Should Have Ads
  49. Why College Athletes Should Get Paid
  50. How Steroids Will Help Athletes If Legalized
  51. Reasons Why Steroids Users Should Be In The Hall Of Fame
  52. Reasons Why Women Bench Heavier Than Men In The Gym
  53. Ways In Which Video Games Are Means For Developing Valuable Professional Skills
  54. Why Women Are Better Athletes Than Men
  55. Should Boxers Wear Jerseys When Boxing?

  56. Good Satire Topics on Social Issues

  57. In the society, we often face problems affecting our day to day lives. However, it is crucial to confront these issues with a bit of fun. Some satire ideas include:
  58. Why These Days Teen Moms Are On The Rise
  59. Why The Upper Class Experience More Stress Than The Lower Class
  60. Can Comic Books Promote Certain Careers?
  61. Why Being Homeless Is Not Such A Bad Idea
  62. Reasons To Follow A Stranger’s Advice
  63. How To Master The Art Of Being Right Even When Wrong
  64. How To Lie And Get Away With It In A Convincing Manner
  65. 10 Reasons To Become An Annoying Human Being
  66. Why Ignoring Strangers Is Such A Bad Idea
  67. Do Rats Also Take Part In A Rat Race?

  68. Love and Marriage Satire Topics

  69. Here are some examples to help you tackle satire topics on Love and Marriage:
  70. Why Most Men Should Be Stay At Home Dads
  71. Ways Of Winning An Argument With Your Boyfriend
  72. Why Social Media Is The Best Way To Break Up With Your Boyfriend
  73. What Your Boyfriend Thinks About Your Hair Weave
  74. Questions Your Girlfriend Is Most Likely To Ask You
  75. How To Plan A Family Holiday Vacation Without Spending Money
  76. Steps To Break Up With Your Partner Without Saying A Word
  77. Things To Do On A Date To Avoid Getting Asked Out Again
  78. Ways Of Winning An Argument With Your Wife
  79. How To Be A Nosy Girlfriend Without Showing It

  80. Environment Satire Essay Topics

  81. Here are some helpful examples of environment satire topics:
  82. Why Global Warming Is A Joke
  83. Ways Of Making The Environment Clean Without Recycling
  84. Not Brushing Your Teeth Is One Of The Effective Ways Of Confronting Global Warming
  85. Why It Is Fun Living On Our Planet Without The Ozone Layer
  86. Reasons Of Emptying Drainage Wastes In Rivers
  87. How Real Is The Threat Of Overcrowded Burial Grounds?
  88. The Obvious Choice Between Environmental Policies And Expanding Housing Projects
  89. Why The Conventional Method Is The Best Way Of Improving Soil Fertility
  90. Is Soil Erosion And Landslides Real?
  91. Which Water Conservation Methods Get Used In The Desert?

  92. Satire Topics in Business and Information Technology

  93. Some examples of Business and Information Technology topics include:
  94. How To Arrive Late For An Interview
  95. Why You Should Follow The Advice Of Your Teenage Children On Finance
  96. How Robots Will Conquer Us
  97. Ways Of Criticizing Your Boss And Getting Away With It
  98. Best Methods Of Embarrassing Yourself In Front Of Your Colleagues
  99. Benefits Of Being The Least Favorite Employee
  100. Why A World Without Internet Would Be A Better Place
  101. How To Work Smart Without Doing Much
  102. Why Robots Make Better Workers Than People
  103. How Google Can Save Your Life

  104. Funny Satire Topics

  105. Some of the people or characters have been quoted giving good satire jokes. Some of them include:
  106. Life Of The Middle Child: The Forgotten One
  107. No Pastor Is A Sinner
  108. Would You Stay Married To Kanye If You Woke Up As Kim?
  109. Do Bears Like Honey?
  110. Easy Life Of A Stay At Home Mom
  111. Divorce Rates Are High After Expensive Weddings
  112. Most People Want To Remain Slim But Eat A Lot
  113. Human Efforts To Plant Tress While Deforestation Is On The Rise
  114. Make Watching Football Illegal
  115. The Customer Is Never Right

  116. Satire Ideas on Science and Medicine

  117. Yes, even Science and Medicine do have a sense of humor, and some of the satirical topics are:
  118. Why Plastic Surgery Is A Good Idea If Your ID Got Stolen
  119. Which Type Of Cancer Is The Better Option?
  120. Reasons Why Women Should Be Discouraged From Breastfeeding
  121. What Are The Benefits Of Pregnant Women Traveling?
  122. Why We Should Do Away With Vitamins And Minerals
  123. A Person’s Body Weight Should Be The Determinant Of What One Eats
  124. How Music Has Cured Diseases
  125. Why Moving To Space Should Be On Everyone’s Mind
  126. Reasons For Getting A Cold On Winter Months
  127. Is The Cure For HIV/AIDS A Myth?

Conclusion on Satire Ideas

It is critical to find your favorite satire essay topics to capture your intended audience. It will go a long way in keeping the reader captivated.