TOP 15 Best Online Jobs for College Students

TOP 15 Best Online Jobs for College Students

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In the present age and times, it is common knowledge that finding a steady source of cash could be one of the most uphill and challenging tasks. This situation is a reality for a great number of people that are already through with college and are already in the job market. So the question comes in – how much more challenging will it be to search for a suitable inflow of cash for college students that haven’t graduated and have very little or no valid qualifications for getting employed?

The answer to this puzzle rests on the internet. There is a variety of lucrative online jobs that students can do and earn some extra cash for their additional expenditure. Ranging from online tutoring jobs for college students to trading stocks and writing, there is something for everyone. Let us consider some of the best 15 online jobs for college students.

Taking Surveys Online

Among the best online jobs for college students that would be a perfect fit for the busy schedules that students often have is taking online surveys. Online survey taking is one of the most reliable online jobs, and on top of that, it could be easily regarded as being one of the most straightforward methods of earning some extra cash. It does not require a particular skill set or any background skills. All that’s needed is literacy which is almost an automatic qualification for college students.

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Taking online surveys mainly entails expressing your honest opinions about a particular topic and then getting paid for your services. In this sector, the biggest number of people that will seek to employ you are those based in firms that deal with market research. This is because such firms deal with taking opinions from people coming from all walks of life to acquire feedback on services or products, to get the general public view on a vast array of issues and to also create new services and products.

While it is safe to say that taking surveys is not a guarantee to immediate wealth, it is indeed possible for college students to make great amounts of money from this practice. This is especially if you begin right away after coming across the knowledge pertaining to online survey taking. In light of this, there is almost no excuse for you not to begin today, because all that you need is a smartphone, tablet or a computer to get you started. Given that online survey taking is easy to wrap your mind around and also can be a great addition to your sources of money as a student, then there is little or no reason for college students not to give it a try!

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing online is yet another type of online job for college students to make some extra amount of cash. What’s even more exciting about this is that it could even end up being a full career for you in the long run after you finish college. For those who would not want it to be a career path, you can still use the experience and achievements that you acquire from online writing to boost your resume.

Freelance writing entails doing some writing jobs online, and upon completion, you get paid via online money transfer services and platforms such as PayPal and Skrill. Some of the best sites to which students can turn to find freelance writing jobs include Fiverr, Upwork, Study Pool, Essay Pro, and Text Broker, among many others.

Freelance Photography

If you are gifted in the area of photography or you have the passion and desire to learn about the dynamics and principles of photography, then this could end up becoming one of your prime sources of some extra cash. All you have to do is get access to a professional camera or even work on your skills with a cellphone camera, and then you’ll be on a great path to make good money from your pictures with this easy online job for college students.

It works by creating an online account where you can comfortably upload some of your photos. Some of the sites where you can do this include stockxpert, Crestock, Shutterstock, PhotoStockPlus, and Dreamstime, among many others. People usually visit these sites with the intention of finding photos that they want for their posts or other uses. After they have identified the images that are impressive, they buy the rights to use them which results in money being deposited in your account based on the number of downloads that your pictures receive.

Sell on Amazon or eBay

On some occasions, it is indeed possible to find something that’s in a package discount deal such as a video game, and then end up selling these sorts of goods individually and at a higher price. You could take up this idea and look out for discount deals on certain products when bought on wholesale. After you’ve done this, what should follow is creating an account on Amazon or even eBay, then selling these goods individually and at a higher price. You could even take to selling some of your books as well as those of your classmates (at a commission) on eBay and Amazon.

Take Advantage of Craigslist

The art of buying or even getting things free of charge and then selling them at a higher price can work on Craigslist. This is because you can find people there constantly giving away some of their broken items which can still be fixed and at times, there are perfectly fine goods for free. A good number of times, you’ll find that the reason as to why they give away such items, especially the large ones, is because they don’t like the idea of having to use a lot of effort in moving them.

If you can get a truck, then you will find yourself minting money from Craigslist clients. It is also crucial to note that in college, most students pick up a few skills that they previously did not have. In case you have acquired the skill of fixing broken items, you could find the broken stuff that you are good at fixing on Craigslist and then sell it at a profit after fixing.

Data Entry

A good number of companies usually want to outsource various tasks like data entry and even writing some audio transcripts. These are some of the areas that a college student can specialize in during their free time and still get spare time to take care of other activities in their schedule. Such type of data entry services entails receiving files from these companies and their software to key in the data at hand or jotting down the information that you flesh out of their audio clips.

Sales Representative/Customer Service

As much as this is not typically 100% online work, it still counts as a way of making money right from your computer or tablet. However, it is also important to note that there are indeed some small jobs in the customer service field that are entirely online. These jobs include simple tasks such as merely being a representative in a particular company’s customer service office or even a member of staff in a company’s sales support area. If you feel that you have no problem with being on the phone for long periods of time, then rest assured that this is an exceptional option for you. Some of the companies that offer this type of job opportunities include West at Home, Asurion, The Connection, TeleTech@Home, Uhaul Contact Center, 1-800 Flowers, and Skyes Home, among many others.

Start a Blog

If you have a particular subject that deeply interests you or that you’re passionate about, starting a blog is one of the best paths for you to follow. With the technologically advanced world we live in, starting a blog is a type of online jobs for college students at home and also as easy as visiting sites such as, and you can boast of having a blog in a matter of a few minutes.

You can advertise on it and sell affiliate products which you are comfortable with recommending to members of the public. Some of these products may include your favorite music, books, and video games. Starting a blog has much less guarantee of bringing you loads of cash as compared to other means such as taking surveys to get money, but it sure is a fun option that you can try.

Write a Kindle eBook

Do you know how easy it can be to come up with a Kindle eBook? It merely takes one just a few minutes to publish an eBook entirely. However, the writing of the book is not exactly a walk in the park, but it can be accomplished if you have your entire mind aimed at achieving this.

Coming Up with an Online Store

This can easily be regarded as among the best if not the best method that one can use to make a remarkably lucrative living online. What this job niche entails is creating products and then keeping a well-detailed and updated inventory. Alternatively, you can track down some manufacturers and then ensure that your items are drop shipped for you to get excused from touching any inventory. One of the best places for you to start is by visiting a site such as Shopify, and you will be better placed to have an idea of how to run your online store business.

Produce an App

As a college student, you should always strive to shape yourself into an ambitious person so that you can have the drive to propel you into the stratosphere both in college and after you finish school. One of the ways that you can put your ambition to good use is by coming up with apps and then finding a reliable market in which you can sell them.

Given the vast numbers of smart devices that are used by people all over the globe, if you are creative enough, you might shoot up into being among the richest people on the planet if you could just manage to come up with an app that’s on a global-scale type of demand.

Trading Stocks

This has been ranked as one of the most challenging online jobs for a student but it also has the highest returns for the students that can cope with its dynamics. If you have some extra cash somewhere, you could try and trust yourself to invest it in the stock market and attain good amounts of profit from this investment. It could sound like it is a risky thing to try out, but on the other hand, the returns will probably leave you wondering why you did not start this online job much earlier on.

PowerPoint Presentation Designer

As a college student, it is almost impossible to escape from making PowerPoint presentations, especially for the various projects. You can turn this skill into one of the best money-making tools by marketing yourself on sites that offer employment for PowerPoint designers such as Freelancer and Upwork.

Search Engine Evaluator

You can earn quite a handsome amount of money by evaluating search engines to find some bugs and errors and presenting them to these sites’ engineers for repair. Despite the constant updates and repairs to their advanced algorithms, you’ll find that search engines are constantly developing errors. For these errors to get fixed, they depend on actual human intervention to assess search results and then offer a clear picture on the status of their quality, usefulness, and accuracy. This is the point where you come in and ensure that you provide unrivaled services, especially regarding great quality.

Virtual Recruiter

You can always put your connections and skills in the industry or field that you are specialized in to great use via connecting employees with their most suitable jobs. In this job, you will often work as some form of liaison between potential new people for hire and a particular company. Your job will mainly entail screening resumes, posting the available jobs in a company, negotiating salaries, and conducting preliminary interviews.


Working while in college is one of the best ways to offset and cope with the high costs that are strung along to college. However, it can be quite tough to secure a well-paying job as you also try to balance the busy college life schedule – extracurriculars and classes. Yet, with the easy online jobs for college students discusses here, you have a fighting chance to get a well-paying online job that will enable you to push through the other aspects of your time in college.