Lord of the Flies Topics

Lord of the Flies Topics

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Lord of the Flies, one of the famous allegorical essays, written by William Golding, is now a prevalent piece of literature, found in the curriculum of most of the colleges. The British author, Golding, is a Nobel-prize winner, and he has composed the novel, focusing on the activities of some young boys. Stranded on a very remote island, these boys have made different dreadful attempts for governing themselves.

The novel has portrayed how the descent boys have started following the savagery on the paradisiacal island, which is far away from the populated part of modern society. Writing an essay about this literature is not an easy task. Here are some of Lord of the Flies essay topics to help you get started.

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  1. Talk about how the novel foreshadows the death of Piggy and Simon.

  2. The story deals with two political ideologies. You can write how these ideologies are figured and discuss which of the two Golding seems to favor.

  3. Write about what is on their names, for example, Simon, Piggy, Sam, and Eric.

  4. Analyze the two important symbols – the conch shell and The Lord of the Flies on how the boys perceived them and what symbolizes.

  5. Is having all boys on the island matters a lot in the novel? Does this story wants to prove something about gender?

  6. Discussing Roger’s attitude and actions in Chapter XI with regards to Jack’s power and political system is a good topic.

  7. You can write about how Jack manipulated the myth of the beast to affirm his authority.

  8. What are littluns and their role? The boys are categorized as older boys and younger boys or littluns, talked about them and why they are grouped as such.

  9. Analyze the meaning of nature, human civilization, and evil and what the novel is suggesting about them.

  10. Which side the novel’s favor, democracy or communism? How the public reacts about it?

  11. Discuss Piggy’s part in the Lord of the Flies and what he represents.

  12. What does Piggy symbolize in the Lord of the Flies, mainly when they were on the island?

  13. Piggy died in the story; what does it represent in the novel?

  14. With regards to real-life studies, discuss how accurate a betrayal Lord of the Flies is when the rule of law is not present in society.

  15. Talk about how children see adults based on their actions and events that happen in the novel.

  16. What is the role of the beast, and what does it signify being a supernatural force. Is it good or evil?

  17. What are the weaknesses of the characters and how does it affects human nature.

  18. How Golding describes the different emotions in the story like selfishness, content, paranoia, and other evil traits.

  19. Discuss the positive and negative attributes of power in the novel.

  20. What Piggy’s physical features make him the primary target for the torrents of the other boys on the island?

  21. What do you think how the other boys would have treated Piggy if he had been thin with better eyesight?

  22. Talk about Ralph’s character and how he betrays himself in the novel.

Lord of the Flies argumentative essay topics

An excellent argumentative essay topic on Lord of the Flies should be something with two sides. It will not be argumentative if there is nothing to argue. The topic should be interpreted in many ways, and there is no clear explanation for it. Thus, it is essential that you choose the best topic to write. Here are some excellent argumentative issues you can consider:

  1. The main focus of the story is the concept of savagery and civilization. Piggy and Ralph represent civilization, while Jack is describing savagery. Argue about the two ideas and how savagery takes over culture.

  2. Discuss the parallels to the Bible. There are lots of biblical allusions in the story. Simon represents Jesus. Jack represents Judas, Garden of Eden is represented by the island, and the pig’s head is for Satan.

  3. Argue is the death of Simon in the story, symbolizes the loss of innocence.

  4. Conch shell represents order, civilization, and rational thought. Piggy and Ralph discovered that when blown into it produces a loud sound. It is its symbolic significance.

  5. Piggy is a nerd, and his glasses represent the power of science. The importance of Piggy’s glasses was seen when the boys use the lenses to start a fire.

  6. If not for Piggy’s eyeglasses, they would not have been rescued. The fire then symbolizes both destruction and hope.

  7. They were frightened by the thought that a beast exists. The creature represents that primal instinct of savagery that exists within all the people. Discuss how Simon made them realize that the creature exists within each of them.

  8. Discuss the rip in the forest when the boy’s plane crash landing on the island. What does it symbolize and its effect on human nature?

  9. An allegory is a story with a symbolic meaning. Argue if the Lord of the Flies is an allegorical story or not. The characters and setting represent lots of things like religious figures and political system. The island represents the world.

  10. What does each character represent? These boys are like the people around us. Piggy represents rationalism and intellect. Ralph for civilization and democracy. Jack represents dictatorship and savagery. And Simon as the incarnation of saintliness and goodness.

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Lord of the files themes

The theme of Lord of the Flies is the conflict between savagery and civilization, which is represented by Ralph as the civilization and Jack as the savagery. The other boys were also affected by this conflict. Below are some of the Lord of the Flies themes that you can write about:

  1. Each person has its evil side. Discuss why critics consider evilness as the key theme in the story.

  2. Each boy in the story has their style of leadership. Compare and discuss and decide whose form is the most effective?

  3. Talk about the conch and how it influences the boys.

  4. Power is yet another theme to discuss in this story. Mention the kind of power and how it is used to control people? How to sow’s conch and head affect the boys.

  5. According to Golding, rituals are both destroying and holistic forces. Discuss how he was able to prove his view.

  6. You can write an essay that compares the symbolism dead parachutist with the symbolism of the beast.

  7. The most common emotion in the story that affects the character’s behavior is fear. Does it support the novel?

  8. Talk about the main characters – Ralph, Jack, and Piggy in your essay. How they are tied up to their past lives, and are they predisposed to savagery?

  9. If you want to be part of the group, you need to step over your principles. Discuss the manner William Golding use to present this opinion. Show your point of view in the essay.

  10. Evil spring from people who are hungry of power. Explain how this statement was proven in the novel.

  11. The hardest thing the leader could provide for his members is satisfaction. Site some examples in the story that support this claim.

  12. One of the critical issues in the Lord of the Flies is the loss of identity. Discuss this theme in your essay.

  13. Compare and contrast Ralph, Piggy, and Jack according to appearance, potential leadership, and personality.

  14. The Lord of the Flies is a story of young men. It never mentioned about the adults in the story. It is best to write the role of the adults in the novel.

  15. Does having a poor eyesight and asthma an indication of a weak character just like Piggy in the story. Or it symbolizes something else.

  16. The different roles in Lord of the Flies represent political ideologies.

  17. Discuss how the novel Lord of the Flies talks about human nature.

  18. Based on the Lord of the Flies, it is best that people work towards the good of many than focusing on their welfare.

  19. The children in the Lord of the Flies were sent to another place as a result of the war. This situation has affected their behavior a lot. Discuss the action of each character and who among them elicit a positive reaction.

Final thoughts

Writing an essay is never an easy task. However, there are techniques that you can apply to write a killer essay that will surely give you a high grade. Some of the students may not have read the Lord of the Flies. As a result they are having a hard time completing this task. So, the first thing a student should do is to read and understand the novel before you choose a topic to write. There are lots of essay topics for Lord of the Flies that you can write on. Choose the one that will interest you the most. However, if you are time restraint, you can seek professional help at an affordable price.