Women’s Rights Essay

Women’s Rights Essay

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After a lifetime of observing very diverse cultures, you’d agree with the accessible insight that women are a belittled cohort in the entire human population. Well, we wouldn’t say the same about animals, maybe you tell us!

Among the many unfinished businesses of our time are women’s rights. This has been an issue for days and

How to Write a Women’s Rights Essay

Our team has come up with a proper approach that should enable you to come up with a winning women’s rights essay. This guideline we’re giving you will work well across all forms of women’s rights essays, and you should take your time and master the whole concept of all that is required.

Whenever you are asked to write a women’s rights essay, then this is the stepwise structure to follow:

  • Introduction

  • First body text

  • Second body text

  • Third body text

  • Conclusion

As simple and straightforward as it might seem, of importance is the women’s rights movement essay structure which cuts across all the essays and maybe the content is what might differ. This type of essay writing formula is best recommended as all you’re required to know the information to fill in each of the paragraphs be it the introduction, body, or conclusion. This shouldn’t worry you for we’re going to tell what you’re expected to write in every section concerning the theme which is women’s rights.


  • The Women’s Rights Essay Introduction

The essay introduction, just like in the social setup is a chance for the writer to make an impression. In this case, you’ll be required to state your side concerning the issue of women’s rights- the thesis statement. Not enough, you need to go further and support your position by stating reasons as to why you settled for your preferred opinion.

The thesis statement is very crucial when it comes to women’s rights, for such is a sensitive issue and is most times subject to debate by the many forces. A good thesis statement on women’s rights should be focused and targeted. Come up with something worthy of posing a tremendous heated discussion. Ideally, it shouldn’t exceed at most forty words. You check out some of the women’s rights thesis statement examples to gain a better idea of the message we’re putting across

This being the introduction, there are things you need to keep in mind that are to be captured in your essay for its success.

Appeal to the reader’s attention. Your readers are your target audience, and your target is to get them enjoying the entire women’s rights movement essay. To realize this, you ought to deploy some of the literary tools effective in hooking readers to various writings. Just by going through your women right’s essay introduction, the reader should be intrigued and interested in reading more of what your paper has to offer.

We’re looking at aspects like being convincing and persuasion, well, how good are your writing skills when it comes to this. Some of the catchy phrases to use are; popular sayings, proverbs, bold statements, and famous quotes in the field of women’s rights.

The women’s rights essay introduction is a brief overview of what is going to be covered in the entire paper. Give your readers an idea of what to anticipate, and all give them a chance to picture some of the possible conclusions to your essay on women rights Islam.

Stick to the use of confidence words and structuring of sentences in your writing. It shows you know what you’re doing and attracts the readers.

  • The Women’s Right’s Essay Body Paragraphs

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After the women’s rights movement essay introduction, we move to the body, which is made of several paragraphs. Now, to remind you, the introductory paragraph was you giving a brief overview of what the entire paper is all about. And you went ahead to provide a thesis statement which brought out your position on the issue of women’s rights. Now in the body section, it will be all about giving information for support. What you write in the essay body is mainly based on the research you conducted. With more convincing data, you get to convince your readers. And for the instructor, we both know the excellent remarks that will come your way. This process is quite demanding and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In this format we mentioned earlier, we’re assuming you’ll be settling for three as the number of paragraphs in your essay body. With that in mind, you’ll have to use such a limited opportunity effectively. Besides, the advantage of opting for a few paragraphs is that you’ll be able to concentrate all your energy to and come up with an intriguing text on women’s rights. We’d recommend you give each paragraph topic sentences that will guide direction on the women’s rights movement essay body. Typically, paragraphs go up to six sentences and therefore stick to five the least. This is keeping in mind the instructions issued by the instructor on how long the text should be or the least number of sentences per paragraph.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while working on the women’s rights essay body;

  • Maintain a logical flow of ideas

This goes all the way from the mentioning of the body paragraph topic sentence to the conclusion of each paragraph. We’re looking at a logical and sensible flow of information with the use of useful transition sentences to realize this. The key lies with the topic sentence, and it offers a transition from one paragraph to another while at the same time gives the content focus of that particular paragraph.

  • Avoid being overly general

Remember, this is the juice of the entire paper, and it calls for focused and targeted information. Like in our case approach, we opted for the three-paragraph option, and for this case, you’ll have to drive your point home within this limited space. It would be best first to consider the preferred options to explain your opinions to avoid excesses in terms of length and wordiness.

  • The Women’s Rights Essay Conclusion

This is the concluding section on how to write a women’s rights essay. Most times, readers are keen at this section to see how you’re going to conclude your text on women’s rights. Because it’s a sensitive topic in society, you ought to wrap it up style. Now, how do you look to make this happen? The best trick is to know your readers and what they expect from the text. Such information about your audience can enable you to coach your book to appeal to their needs and win them over (of course, with your initial intentions on the paper at the forefront). Give your audience a parting gift, more like – thank you are taking your time to go through my piece. Even better, you can make some propositions on women’s rights based on your essay and how best society can strive to achieve gender equality for all.

And just as the other sections of the women’s rights movement essay were that involving, this concluding section can as well distort your intended message if you’re not keen. You usually start with a welcoming sentence and while at that give you concluding information. Here you’re not supposed to add any new information or mention any fresh ideas and opinions that weren’t earlier on mentioned in the text. Wrap it by relating the ideas you suggested in the paragraph to the society of today at least to drive the point home more forcefully. Readers usually shake their heads to instances they entirely relate to.


Women’s Rights Essay Examples

With the knowledge above, here is women’s rights essay example you can learn from. We opted for some of the significant areas in the women’s rights front to build short essays. Go through and appreciate the structuring and content creation.


Essay 1


The Women’s Rights Movement

Here is a perfect example of a women’s rights movement essay

History lives to remember November 2nd, 1920. This was the first time the female gender cast their first vote. Some magazines referred to that day as “The greatest voting day in history.” For all the women in the United States of America, it was a moment of pride and a day to remember. It was a long struggle of fighting with the system and their hard work and turmoil finally paid. After all, there was light at the end of the tunnel. A strong message of hope to all the women facing oppression out there, a polite reminder that the struggle is real and the results are worthy. This is all credited to the Women’s Rights Movement that was at the forefront to campaign for the rights of women in the society and the chance to vote heretofore changed the perception about women in the community.

This was secondary to the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave all the women in the USA a chance to vote. This didn’t come easy as it was as a result of an intense fight for the liberation of the female gender in American society. These campaigns began early 19th century and had since given the community a fresh perspective on the power of a woman.

In general, women were viewed as lesser species despite the pain of labor and the nine months of carrying a baby in their wombs. Not forgetting the role they played in the homestead in terms of hygiene and kitchen matters. Their place was in the home and nowhere else. Outside the house, they had no duty except submission to the male gender.

It was popular opinion for the men to handle the more demanding chores like hard labor. Women, on the other hand, being lesser species were to stick to minute duties like taking of children and cooking. This subdued pressure from society is what made many women not to chase their dreams. Not every woman enjoyed staying at home while the man went on to fend for the family. Some wished for education and later employment, just so to play an active role in society.

Once married, women were properties of the husband and lost all their rights. A woman, even with all the resources required, could not own land, not unless permitted their husband. And this was as well subject to lots of scrutinies and wasn’t taken as a good show by society. Over time, some of these notions have changed, and women are seen as people like the men in society. And they do have a significant role to play in societal development

The big question is, “Hadn’t the fight for liberation from the British meant freedom from oppression, and this includes women too?” Besides isn’t July 4th a celebration of freedom. Why do women celebrate this day, and yet you’re still stuck within the societal chains of oppression and belittling of the female gender. It’s about time women stood up for their rights and fight for what’s best for all. Aluta Continua!



Essay 2


Satire Essay on Women Rights

Here is a satire essay on women’s rights that should give you a rough overview of how you ought to approach this assignment;

It’s quite melancholic to the many women who happen to be flourishing in the society of today. It’s equally unfortunate that the so-called female gender is perceived as a cursed being just by being referred to as a lesser species. You’d wonder, why are that country fought for the colonial liberation for freedom only to still keep their women as captives.

Inhabiting the male carcass comes with its power which the society doesn’t quite comprehend how to best approach. Let’s take you back to the creation cosmology, whereby we see a woman being created out of a man’s rib. Well, what’s that going to do with men being superior plus just because you were created earlier doesn’t justify male superiority. Take a moment and look at the society of today with all the threatening demographics, would you be alive if not for your mother.

Females have hard to deal with hardships, like staying at home to take care of children, low pay, lesser jobs, and denial of power positions in the employment docket. The big question is, what has the female body got to do with that? All this has prompted the rise of the feminism war the fight for a just society whereby women are given equal opportunities as men. What happens when women win this feminism war, the so-called superior male gender will have to face the excruciating pain of being slaves of corrupt governance dominated by the lesser species (women). Picture this, a gender genocide that will be the extinction of all men.

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The unresolved and always pending issue of the today society is gender inequality and equal opportunities for all. This problem is pathologic and cradles form the idealization of men as the epitome of power. This problem is rooted all around the world; with some countries going to extents of physical aggression the moment women try to express their devastation.

Is there a silver bullet to all this; I’d say the government has a significant role to play if you ask me. If only the legislators could sit down and come up with some of the practical policies that will strive to ensure gender equality and the provision of equal opportunities for all. And just like the Son of Man came down to save the society of Mosaic laws and bring light to the world, we dream of a day when a savior see to it that world leaders have a sit-down and come up with a working solution to this predicament.

However, the problem stems from the souls of the many individuals in the society. Yes, leaders can have a sit-down and come up with working policies, but then again, will the community go with the shift in power. It’s a truth universally accepted that men are fond of being superior and submitting to the issue of power play is by far, something that needs a paradigm shift for it to be realized. This is a world of individuals who are the same in every aspect. This is speaking in idealism, but then this can be accomplished. A world where everyone is the same gives no room for discrimination; this will be an excellent boost for the economy as everyone will contribute immensely in one way or another.

The present legislations are not rigorous enough to curb this ordeal. If at all we’re to contain this issue in the future, then we’ll have to decide between the two genders, which one to spare. The lack of coexistence will not stop anytime soon if something is not done, and one of the sexes is prone to extinction.


Essay 3


Women’s Rights in French Revolution Essay

Check out these women’s rights in the French revolution essay and appreciate a thing or two about women’s rights essay writing;

The women involved in the army during the French revolution was an opportunity to demand their freedom. Their roles are quite evident from the start of the revolution. However, their main concern was that of children’s welfare, and this made them hold back as the resources became less. We see instances where women beg the National Assembly to join the militia, but their attempts were unfruitful. They even went ahead to claim of their battle skills, but in as much as the French army needed a boost, women were officially banned from armies. One of the many demands by women during the French revolution was common-law marriages and equal rights as men.

A common feature about the women who took part in the French revolution is that they were born of aristocratic and labor origins. This partly explains their involvement in the conflict and the demand for equal rights as men. Such classes gave women an upper hand; they were ahead of events by being enlightened. The state of enlightenment prompted the women to form clubs like the Etta d Palmes Friends of Truth. Such forums gave women a chance to interact and express their views and opinions towards the French revolution. Through this, the women mastered how to become citizens rather than subjects to the French king.

The women of the French revolution demanded equal rights in marriage, which was something the French men couldn’t agree. Some of the other reasons they required include; right to divorce and property ownership.

The women also played a decisive role during the French revolution. For instance; during the famine, women marched to the civic center to enhance their problems and find bread for their children.


Essay 4


Essay on Women’s Rights in Islam

In Islamic culture, women also had a role to play in fighting for their rights. Here is a short essay on women’s rights in Islam;

It is popular opinion that women in Islam are subjugated, degraded, and oppressed. However, is that the situations on the ground or those are just notions? Let us take you back in time 1400 years ago. We see the Islamic culture granting women rights that to the then western community it was a dream for the many subjugated women. It was in the early 20th century than the civilization of the West granted women some of the rights; while on the other hand, this had taken place a long while ago in the Islam culture.

The Islam culture has honored women by granting them the opportunity to keep their original names. This is a grand chance that many communities in western culture fail to practice even today. This depicts how the Muslim society has uplifted the women gender and just as it’s written in the Qur’an, “And for women are rights over men, similar to those of men over women.”


The women’s rights essay is just like most other research essays, but what makes the difference is the sensitive aspect. Now, how about you put to practice some of the winning tips we just gave you on how to write a women’s rights essay and you’ll be good to go.

Are you still having a hard time processing the women’s rights essay? Kindly share with us what you always find challenging?