Art Research Paper Topics

Art Research Paper Topics

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Learners who are given assignments by their instructors to compose essays regarding art or research papers typically encounter challenges. Besides the actual composing, they also have to grapple with selecting a suitable topic from a pool of multiple art research paper topics.

If a student believes that it is easy to select what to compose about, that student is wrong. To come across a subject which has been researched adequately but not too much can be a daunting thing to do. If a person does not come across such a topic, there’s a probability that that person won’t have adequate content to share or might be given a low grade.

Art Research Paper Topics

Take a look at the following art research paper topics:

  1. Talk About Existing Trends When It Comes To Sculpturing

  2. Nude Sculptures: Can They Be Regarded As Distasteful?

  3. Pick Five Artists From Any Era Who Incorporated Images Of Humans In Their Art. Talk About Their Graphic Elucidation Comment On The Outlook On Humankind Within Their Eras.

  4. Kiss Of Augustine Rodin: Is The Controversy Surrounding It Warranted?

  5. Relation Between The Inferno By Dante Plus The Thinker By Rodin?

  6. Examine The Advancement Plus Significance Of Photography In The History Of Art Plus The Way In Which It Was Assimilated Into The Society. In Addition Examine Its Influence On Late 19th Century Art.

  7. The Individual Experiences Of A Sculptor As Depicted In Abstract Sculptures.

  8. Nude Paintings: Can They Be Considered As Offensive?

  9. Interpretation Of Contemporary Abstract Sculptures

  10. Select 3 Artists From Various Eras Who Incorporated Social Issues In Their Art Works. Examine The Way In Which Their Artworks Fit Into Their Individual Eras Plus How They Confronted The Social Customs Of Those Times.

  11. Talk About The Influence Of Nazi Germany To European Art Works In The 20th Century.

  12. Can Impressionism Be Termed As Simple Art Or Art For The Simple?

  13. Compare The Works Of Picasso And Matisse.

  14. Abstract Art: Can It Be Deciphered?

  15. Graphic Allure Of Contemporary French Art Doesn’t Attain The Level Of Impressionists From France.

  16. Examine The Proof Of Continuing Evolution As Viewed In Primates’ Art

  17. The Notion Of An Artist Versus The Elucidation Of Viewers: Do These Two Concur?

  18. Where You Can Locate Gifted Russian Artists

  19. Malevich: Was He A Fan Of The Rolling Stones?

  20. Discuss The Various Architectural Spectacles That Attract Tourists In Your City

  21. Should Lush Structures Remain Or Should They Be Done Away With?

  22. Gothic Architecture: Is It Actually Unclear?

  23. Examine The Works Of Van Gogh: Can He Be Regarded As A Style Icon?

  24. Architectural Schemes Plus Your Outlook Towards Them

  25. Examine The Existing Styles In Sculpturing.

  26. Liken Plus Differentiate The Painting Styles Of Rembrandt And Da Vinci.

  27. Cartoons As The Satirical Depiction Of The Modern Society.

  28. Examine 5 Artists Who Create Horror Pictures.

  29. Impact Of Nude Figurines On The Brain Of A Viewer

  30. Liken And Differentiate Contemporary Sculptures From Austria And France.

  31. Examine The Life Plus Work Of Eric Staller

  32. Take A Look At The Commencement Of Cubism Plus Its Famous Proponent, Picasso

  33. Discuss The Artistic Accomplishments Of Benvenuto Cellini

  34. Come Up With An Enlightening Paper On The Manner In Which The Coronation Of Napoleon Painting Came To Be

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Medieval Art History Research Paper Topics

The time between the partition of the Roman Empire into Eastern plus Western empires during the 4th century AD plus start of the Renaissance period in Europe is what’s referred to as Medieval era.

This era is characterized by various artistic types, for instance, Viking, Christian plus Byzantine, Gothic, plus Romanesque. Some of the most famous artistic works from this time include the Gothic cathedrals located in Reims plus Notre-Dame, cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, painted embellishments from catacombs found in Rome, mosaics from Ravenna, amongst others.

Examples of Medieval art history research paper topics are:

  1. Aspects Which Ascertained Major Doctrines Of Medieval Art

  2. Troubadours: Their Function In Advancement Of European Way of Life

  3. Discuss Various Fundamentals Of Gothic Architecture

Excellent Art History Research Paper Topics

With many years of art history to take into consideration, below is a listing of several art history research paper topics. Do you have an art history assignment to come up with? Take into consideration these art history research paper topics to get some inspiration for your paper:

  1. Examine One Work Of Art

  2. Compose A Screenplay Regarding The Work Of Your Favorite Artist

  3. Liken Plus Differentiate Words From A Single Movement

  4. Compose About A Noteworthy Museum Plus Its Collection

  5. Dispute One Myth Regarding A Renowned Artist

  6. Carry Out Research On A Certain Time In The Life Of One Artist Or His/Her Works

  7. Compose About An Artist’s Life Story

  8. Compose About An Artist Or Style You Aren’t Acquainted With

  9. Delve Into The Historical Importance Of A Museum

  10. Look At A Particular Artist’s Technique Plus Media

Ancient Art History Research Paper Topics

The progression of humanity is evident via the discoveries from ancient plus classical history; a timeline of earliest civilizations, empires, plus rulers. Some of the first known relics date far into early Egyptian architecture, artistry, signs, and tools as the first recognized civilization of the history of Middle East.

After that, we have the classical era of ancient Greece; time of political reorganization plus war, and ancient Rome; a period of ascendency mostly via Julius Caesar’s reign. Take a look at some ancient art history research paper topics for you to consider for your paper:

  1. Examine Facets Of Early Greek Figurines Plus Their Impact On The Science Of Figurines.

  2. Liken Plus Differentiate Between Egyptian Plus Mesoamerican Pyramids

  3. Discuss The Major Motives For The Change In Roman Artistic Technique During The 4th Century

  4. Talk About Some Famous Artworks From Mesopotamia

  5. Examine The Erection Of The Great Wall Of China

  6. Where Did Greek Theater Originate From?

Excellent Argumentative Research Paper Topics About Art

Argumentative art papers are papers where an individual tries to demonstrate that his or her opinion or theory is more correct as compared to others with regards to art. It’s a kind of writing which is aimed at convincing readers to agree with the writer’s sentiments concerning art.

This type of essay is closely connected to a persuasive one; however, with an argumentative paper, the writer only argues for his or her viewpoint as opposed to that of others. When it comes to argumentative essays regarding art, the author’s contention ought to be apparent from the word go, and a question ought not to be involved.

This type of essay mostly contains around 5 to 6 paragraphs, which are divided into the introductory paragraphs, 3 to 4 body paragraphs that contain the major arguments, and the conclusion paragraph.

Argumentative Paper Structure

There are 3 major approaches to composing this essay:

  • First approach Individuals first outline their thesis statement. The next step is to ‘sell’ their arguments by explaining them comprehensively, then the focus shifts to counter arguments, explaining the comprehensively then repudiating them one at a time. After this is the ending.

  • Second approach With this approach, writers start by stating their thesis statement. The subsequent step is to give their counter arguments plus repudiations. The ‘selling’ aspect comes later in the essay and then the ending.

  • Third approach Here, a writer outlines the thesis statement, which is followed by counter-arguments coupled with repudiations for every counter-argument. Then the writer finishes up with an ending. This method concentrates solely on counter-arguments plus their repudiations. It doesn’t deal with the author’s arguments to back their subject matters.

Argumentative Art Paper Writing Tips

  • Come up with a listing of the merits plus demerits you’re intending to incorporate before starting to compose.

  • It’s vital that you utilize suitable transition words when shifting from one contention to another, for instance nevertheless, but, however, etc.

  • Utilize quotes, facts, and actual examples. These will assist in convincing your audience to agree with your argument.

Argumentative research paper topics about art include:

  1. Reasons Why Art Is Important In Our Lives

  2. Reasons Why Television Is Quickly Becoming Outdated

  3. Playing Video Games: Should It Be Counted As A Sport?

  4. Why The Hip-Hop Culture Warrants Serious Research

  5. Musical Training: Reasons Why It Will Make You More Successful

  6. Precarious Stereotypes Regarding Reality TV

  7. Reasons For Not Permitting Sports Betting Everywhere.

  8. Photo-Shopped Pictures: Reasons Why They Will Make You Feel Bad Regarding Your Appearance

  9. How To Define Good Art

  10. Significant 20th Century Painting

  11. Attributes Which Make Baroque Sculptures Identifiable

  12. How Does Art Impact Our Day To Day Life?

  13. Is The Feminist Movement Vital For Modern Art?

  14. Can Graffiti Be Counted As Art?

  15. Can Theater Change Culture?

  16. Can Banksy Be Considered An Artist Or A Vandal

  17. Is It Advisable To Invest In Art?

  18. Reasons What Art Edification Is Underrated

  19. How Did Paris Become A Center Of Art?

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Research Paper Topics on Minimalism Art

This kind of art developed in the US in the late 1950s into the late 60s. Its focus is on basic elements. It was a reaction to the leading art style during that time, which was referred to as abstract art. Minimalism can be viewed as an extension of the abstract notion that art ought to possess its own actuality rather than being a replication of something else.

People mostly visualize art as a representation of a facet the real world. However, with minimalism art, the material from which this type of art is made from plus the form of work is the reality instead of trying to symbolize an external actuality. Renowned individuals who were pioneers of minimalism art include Donald Judd, Ellsworth Kelly, plus Sol LeWitt.

Characteristics of Minimalism Art

  • Repetition the creation of several images of the same shape.

  • Monochromatic early minimalist art works were mostly monochromatic, limited to a single color.

Research paper topics on minimalism art include:

  1. Minimalist Technique Of Graphic Design Research

  2. Research Plus Decorations Design With Regards To Minimalism Art

  3. Impact On Minimalist Art On The Making On The Artistic Conception Of Interior Landscape

  4. Minimalism Art In Spain.

  5. An Examination Of Construction Methods Of Minimalist Architecture

  6. Minimalism Art Plus Modern Environmental Art

  7. Correlation Between Minimalism Art Plus Furniture Design

  8. An Examination Of The Rudimentary Minimalism Techniques

  9. A Detailed Examination Of Modern-day Minimalism Architecture

  10. Study Of Minimalism Art when it comes to Western Architecture

Renaissance Art History Research Paper Topics

The Renaissance era is the phase which is preceded by the Middle Ages in Europe. This phase was characterized by an increase in the fascination in classical erudition of early Rome in addition to Greece. Painting technique plus ornamental arts related to this era came up in Italy around late 14th century. Great artists from this era include Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, among others. Art from this era aimed at capturing the know-how of the person plus attractiveness of the normal planet.

Have you been given an assignment to come up with a renaissance art research paper? The following is a listing of several renaissance art history research paper topics for you to consider:

  1. What Are Some Of The Biblical Motives In The Early Paintings Of Leonardo Da Vinci?

  2. Reasons For The Use Of Christian Themes Plus Symbols With Regards To Renaissance Art.

  3. Oddities Of Raphael’s Paintings

  4. Women’s Dressing Plus Standards Of Beauty In The Renaissance Period

  5. Depiction Of Humanistic Notions When It Comes To Renaissance Art


There’re numerous research paper topic ideas which can be found in art. The divergent art varieties plus genres utilized provide an awesome opportunity to select a subject matter which will fascinate you. In case you’re stuck with finding the ideal topic, the lists of amazing art research paper topics provided above will greatly assist you.