108 Psychology Research Paper Topics

108 Psychology Research Paper Topics

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Certainly, psychology is one of the most interesting branches of science out there. Practically everything today is influenced by it or has an impact on one’s subconscious. If you’re an aspiring psychologist or you are studying therapy for your undergraduate or master’s degree, there are many topics available for research; and, sometimes, students may feel that those are just too much to choose from.

This is why we’ve come up with a list of great psychology research paper topics, for a wide range of research topics in psychology. You are welcome to pick the one that you most passionate about and use it for composing your article. By no means should these topics be what you write about word for word but you can use them to influence your decisions, and take them as prompts as to what to study.

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Social psychology research topics

  1. Social cognition and depression.
  2. What are the main factors that can affect social cognition within a family?
  3. What are the roles of aggression and violence in social psychology?
  4. What are the underlying causes of prejudice and discrimination?
  5. How does family’s group behavior get affected by a child death?
  6. How can members of society adjust to physical disabilities?
  7. What are the main social influences on children today?
  8. What are some of the most harrowing learning difficulties and how do they affect people in the workplace?
  9. What can bring about a severe change of attitudes towards religion?
  10. Prosocial behaviors in social psychology.
  11. What use does the bystander effect have in social psychology?
  12. How can families adjust to bereavement?
  13. How can one adjust to physical illnesses?
  14. Is the notion of the self an illusion?
  15. How important is social identity in modern society?
  16. Interpersonal relationships in shaping behaviors.
  17. Adjusting the mind to changing geographical location.
  18. The effect of eating disorders on society.
  19. Learning difficulties in the school environment.
  20. How can the learning disabilities of one member of the family affect the whole family unit?
  21. How should we treat people with ADHD within the family system?
  22. How can the relocation of children affect their mental health processes?
  23. What are the best family therapy techniques for children with behavioral disorders?
  24. What are the psychosocial effects on families by autistic children?
  25. What effects do AIDS have on the family psychologically?
  26. What are some of the effects of immigration on the emotional family process?
  27. What are the cultural influences that affect miscarriage?
  28. How should we adjust the needs of bereaved family members?
  29. What are the implications of copper-based approach work to reduce PTSD?
  30. How can one establish healthy co-parenting structures?
  31. What are the costs and benefits of therapeutic divorce mediation?
  32. How can psychologists adjust to bereaved family needs?
  33. How does a family deal with the issue of substance abuse?
  34. How do genetics and physiology play in relationship psychology?
  35. What complications can cancer prevention have for family functioning?
  36. How do cultural influences affect families that have lost a number?
  37. Do emotionally focused couples benefit from therapy work?
  38. How do reconciliation issues affect couples after they divorce?
  39. How do cultural influences affect an unwanted child’s death?
  40. How does grief affect the family unit?
  41. How does the loss of a pet create problems within families?

  42. Cognitive psychology research topics

  43. How does ADHD influence children’s development?
  44. How can Autism affect modern society?
  45. What is the use of colour psychology in cognitive development studies?
  46. How can we more effectively measure the attention span of children?
  47. What are some of the best ways to recover memory loss?
  48. Why do people encounter memories?
  49. What are the main factors that affect problem solving abilities in young children?
  50. How can speech disorders impact upon children’s lives and their cognitive development?
  51. How can critical thinking ability be measured in cognitive psychology experiments?
  52. What is the influence of judgements in decision-making capacity?
  53. What are the underlying factors that would cause someone to repressed parts of their memory?

  54. Developmental psychology research topics

  55. How can a development of psychology tackle bullying?
  56. What role do the media have to play in facilitating violence?
  57. What factors create violence in children?
  58. What are some of the underlying causes of psychopathic behavior in youth?
  59. What factors play into learning languages and language learning capabilities?
  60. What place do gender roles have in modern society?
  61. How can parental development influence child development?
  62. What factors increase the likelihood of child abuse?
  63. What are some of the psychological reasons as to why the ageing process exists?
  64. What are some of the fundamental ways of parenting that have recently been cast a bad light by developmental psychology research?

  65. Abnormal psychology research topics

  66. What are some of the main factors that increase anorexia in children?
  67. How can anomie best to be studied in psychology?
  68. What are the main reasons for anorexia in adults?
  69. How do anxiety disorders prevail in today’s society?
  70. What are some of the causes of borderline personality disorders?
  71. The causes of an eating disorder.
  72. Psychological outcomes of telling the truth vs lying.
  73. Cannibalism in African cultures – what can be changed in today’s society?
  74. How can we halt people’s anxiety about death?
  75. Why do some people experience multiple personality defects?
  76. Changes in measures of insanity over time.
  77. Asexuality as a sexual orientation.
  78. Being deviant – what are some of the underlying causes of this?
  79. The reasons for suicidal tendencies.
  80. Narcissistic attitudes in modern society.
  81. How can the Oedipus complex be best researched today?
  82. What makes phobias and their characteristics such a struggle to live with?
  83. How can therapists reduce bulimia in teenagers?
  84. The rise of antisocial behavior with the advance of modern capitalism.
  85. Suicide in adolescents as a study of cognitive brain change.
  86. Anxiety about school and the effect on adolescents.
  87. Mood disorders in children and adolescents.
  88. PTSD and PTSS in the workplace.
  89. What are the most common reasons behind psychopathic actions?
  90. Why do people become schizophrenic?
  91. How do seasonal affective disorders have a large effect on society in certain countries?
  92. Reasons for self-mutilating behaviors in the 21st century.
  93. Separation anxiety in families and groups.
  94. Perverse sexual behaviors.
  95. Reasons for stalker personalities.
  96. Social pathology.
  97. Reasons for euthanasia.

  98. Clinical psychology research topics

  99. How can one use psychology to control their chronic pain?
  100. How can cognitive therapy be used to treat anxious disorders and panic attacks?
  101. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practices for criminals.
  102. When should people refrain from taking antidepressants?
  103. The underlying reasons for eating disorders in adolescents.
  104. PTSD in a clinical environment.
  105. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practices for depression.
  106. The effect that trauma has on abusive situations and relationships.
  107. The effect of insomnia in a clinical scenario.
  108. How can antidepressants be best used with other forms of therapy?
  109. The best steps towards curing agoraphobia.
  110. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practices for addictions.
  111. When should people refrain from taking ADHD medicines?
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Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve found one of these psychology research paper topics, or at least one particular inspired you to use it for a research. The list by no means offers all of the available topics as there is a multitude of questions that you can find in any of the approaches of psychology mentioned, so have a deep think about what you’d like to write on. As with any research paper essay, the most important thing is to build your topic and paper with the robust evidence. Use the most reputable sources and consult with the most notable academics within the field in order to get the best marks that you deserve.

Good luck with your essay!