Satire Essay

Satire Essay

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Students at the level of high school and college are meant to learn a lot about English and Literature. Unlike most subjects, English teaches real-life skills that are permanently necessary.

There is a variety of exciting humor and comedy in the world, and so the writer must choose wisely. Wise choices of humor originate based on the type of satirical essay and the intention of the writer. The theory is often to let the audience laugh first and then criticize later.

What is a Satire Essay?

The satire essay is a literary genre that means to shed light on critical social, philosophical, and political issues. Satire essays employ humor, exaggeration and irony to accomplish positive change in the society they are written.

Getting Personal

The crafting of a satire essay is exceptionally strict in its arrangement. The satire essay works to resolve social and political issues to the reader. Its use of humor to express realistic situations distinguishes it from other articles. Their difference also arises in the author’s freedom to express their perspective. The writer’s opinion takes a life of its own as they criticize the topic of discussion. The writer’s unique position when writing satirical essays is due to their freedom of speech and their choice of an issue. Once the writer has picked a topic that’s close to their heart, they try resolving it with the use of humor and wit. Use humor only when it is necessary and involve intelligence in the picture.

Tips for Writing a Brilliant Essay

  • Pick out a topic based on the most recent news, trending affairs, and updated information that you can find. Check out the national or the international scene for inspiration. Let the topic originate and evolve from your passions, and you are willing to creatively mock. Finally, ensure your issues are from valid sources and updated.

  • Learn to perfect your style of writing and the tone you use within your essay. The best outlook to use is an intelligent, witty, and sharp one that delivers punch lines on the topic of discussion. A wrong way to go about it would be using insults and sarcastic comments that have no function in reforming the ideas around that subject.

  • The audience matters whenever you are picking a topic and writing about it. As a writer, decide on something they are already familiar with and can decipher even when you use coded humor to mock the subject. Ensure they can immediately know who you are throwing jabs at and why you are doing it by employing familiar descriptions.

  • Writers usually say that ‘the devil is in the details’ well in this case, you might have t start with the title. The title immediately captivates the audience and the readers, telling them how precise this particular satire essay will be. Add an accompanying picture when writing an essay for publication as it shows a bigger story

The Audience

Once you have explored the subject matter of your essay, then deciding upon your audience is critical. Ask yourself whether it will be read by your classmates or specialists in the area you have chosen to remark on. The type of audience will also determine how vicious your essay turns out and the depth of your humor. The appropriate amount of humor and irony will be used depending on who’s watching.

Picking the Satirical Topic

The first step and the most crucial advancement of your satire essay begin with choosing the correct topic. Choose from the passions of your heart as it will give you freedom of expression and objectives to accomplish. Pick a subject familiar to the audience, and one that they can identify themselves with. Finally, choose a topic worth satirizing.

The Creation of Characters

Creativity is a wholesome ingredient for satirical essays, and shockingly; it is a vital part of a compelling satire essay. The trick is to follow logical thought in the description of events. As you describe the characters, let there be consistency in their actions and a rational explanation for their characteristics. As a writer of a satirical essay that’s meant to pinpoint lousy behavior, you might decide to have a twist in your story. You can go about that by helping the characters in your essay slowly evolve into creatures of a good habit. Let the transformation be reasonable and form part of your mission to mock vices and uplift virtue.

Efficient Ways to Write a Satirical Essay

The genre of satirical essays is complicated and mysterious. Therefore, there’s no need to accuse yourself whenever you face difficulty in composing a satire essay. Some students find it hard to write articles that don’t depend on analytical thought and expression. Thus, we have established the critical elements necessary to hack writing an excellent satirical essay.

  • Hyperbole and Personification

For comical effect, most writers have resolved to use hyperbole. It is considered a great stylistic device as it exaggerates realities and makes them easy to examine. This creative style helps the reader notice the flaw in that individual or philosophy. Funny satire essay examples that use hyperbole include “Is there an age limit for love.” Exaggeration is essential in revealing the absurdity of evil behavior, philosophies, and people.

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Personification is widely used in fiction and cartoon animations. It is when a writer defines animals in human terms, giving them the distinct characteristics of humans. The ability to hide the individual you’re satirizing in the character of an animal is mind-blowing. These funny satire essay examples might come to mind; a sly fox, a greedy pig, a cowardly sheep, a mysterious owl, and even a slow tortoise. They all are connected to human traits and given a story that puts them in a position of weakness or strength.

  • Irony

Adds shock value to the story. This ability to shock is because readers may be expecting each character to be consistent in their actions and choices. However, you may shake them by having a character act in an entirely unrecognizable way. An excellent satire essay example is the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

Finding Inspiration for Topics on Your Satire Essay

  1. Your Locale

Where you stay, and the social interactions that happen, there might lead you to a topic for discussion.

Another great place to write about is your school, of course. Whenever the audience relates to your essay, they can easily take your story seriously. A funny satire essay example may be to talk about your principal, the teachers, the school cafeteria, the absurd gym routines. All these can contribute to a higher grade on your paper. Write something compelling, and you might be surprised.

  1. Politics and Recent Events

Watching shows like Trevor Noah’s Daily Show or Jimmy Kimmel Live will help shed light on political satire. A great source on how to write a satire essay is the political arena and its absurdities. Examples of a satire essay may be based on political figures who usually come under fire for their actions, speeches, and behavior, and this feeds the satirical segments on the regular. Newspapers employ caricatures and cartoons to commentate on these events.

  1. Pop Culture

A glance at magazines and YouTube channels will reveal how crazed people are with celebrities. These obsessions will allow you to speak on the weird lifestyles of celebrities such as exercising for movie roles. Your audience will be hooked immediately to hilarious commentaries on their favorite stars.

  1. Self-Satire

Be honest about your flaws as you write to the audience. This kind of writing is an excellent way to improve your style of writing and to also critique yourself. Employ analogy, humor, exaggeration, and a bit of self-reflection as you write. Trust the process and understand that there might be another audience member who has gone through the same thing. Therefore, write as if giving sagely wisdom on how you got out of that situation.

Examples of a Satire Essay for 2019

Essay 1

The Reality of Excellent Education

How do we define an excellent education? In the times of Vikings and African warriors, education was simply the passage of ideas from an elder to a young apprentice. Today, it almost still holds the same definition. By modern terms, education is the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills, as for a profession. By simple math, therefore, excellent education is gained by being taught well, right?

How well can we justify that statement? In retrospect, it seems quite deficient as an explanation. Personally, I believe it is the difference between brilliance and intelligence. A brilliant student would be able to internalize concepts, while an intelligent student would go further than that. Therefore, an excellent education should make students smart enough to maneuver the absolutely ridiculous terrain of life. And how exactly can one get such an excellent education in a world that insists on the zeros and ones like a digitized computer? There’s a famous phrase that explains how it is wiser to learn from the mistakes of others than those we make.

Students have never taken history seriously for the reason that it literally defines things that happened in the past. In my opinion, a good grasp of history is the only way to assure students of a good education. Honestly, the importance of history is understated even in scholarly circles. For most of us, the world has always been existence since before we were born and so a question arises. Have you noticed how reckless the human race can be, therefore how have we survived this long? A great answer to that question would simply be that we are continually learning from the mistakes of our ancestors. Through history, we learn that there was a time that throwing garbage outside your window was considered normal behavior in Old England. And the results of that were devastating, considering that the black plague killed up to 200 million people. History let us reconsider our ways and invent the sewer system that has made public health a priority.

Through history, a good education is acquired as we learn about deep space treks, achievements, and delays in the field of medicine, the impacts of colonization and trade routes on the modern world. History has driven its tentacles deep into human evolution, the advancement of philosophical ideas, religious ideas. It seeks to understand the human interaction in the most effective way. For instance, the impact of the world wars gave rise to a change in human behavior as never seen before. After the world wars, a generation of baby boomers was born, more than tripling the population of the world since its inception. The scientific advancements also skyrocketed in the field of medicine, astronomy, education, and so a rise in economic growth.

A rigid education system refuses to teach their young ones how to adapt in a fast-paced world. Professors and teachers of various education levels must learn to embrace the inevitable curiosity in the growing generations. There’s a reason museums and art galleries still contain pieces from ancient ages. An excellent education is not just the product of classroom talks. Quite honestly, good knowledge demands mature interactions, conversations, and shared experiences.

Essay 2

Dissecting the American Dream from The Great Gatsby

What happens when extravagance is favored over everything else in society? Well, my favorite novel based on that very question is the Classic Great Gatsby based in the roaring twenties of the United States. The outlook of the story is a grim expression of what happens when a society does everything to accomplish worldly excitements. Absolutely no one could blame the characters in the novel for their overindulgence seeing as the Great War was just ended. Even the protagonist is shrouded in a blanket of criminal history. Throughout the book, the people attending his parties seem to ask about the origins of his vast riches. The covetousness in this society is beyond obvious. The Great Gatsby covets Daisy, a former lover who is now wedded to a Tom Buchannan. Tom Buchannan himself is jealous of Gatsby’s excellent reputation among the residents of Coney Island.

The Indifferent Class within the novel are characters who all seem to be in over their heads and bound to do destructive things to feed their materialism. The leading voice, which seems logical considering he is not as wealthy as the rest, finds Tom and Daisy to be reckless people as they run away from their mistakes. He observes that notwithstanding their wealth, are morally deficient, and careless people that destroy things, creations and then ran back to their wealth and fame. Tom Buchannan’s affair with Myrtle Wilson causes his husband to be angry and mistakenly kill Gatsby. Despite Daisy’s infatuation with Gatsby, she hurriedly runs away with Tom to Paris and is among the many people that failed to attend his funeral.

As a literature enthusiast, I was intrigued by the way the author attacks the actions of wealthy and entitled individuals who look down upon the average people. Their charm is only a mask for what they indeed are. The truths of the novel are still apparent today as you begin to scrutinize our society.

It is a horrible fact, but sometimes, hard work does not pay. Gatsby had a dream, call it an ‘American Dream’ that caused him to feel like the son of God. An idea that took hold under the supervision of a drunk sailor who taught him the absurdities and the aspirations of the wealthy class. And yet, a good education in the art of wealth wasn’t enough to establish him. Thus, he joined the army and fought for his country and for Daisy. Upon returning, he finds that even with his wealth, he is still despised by Tom Buchannan because of his background. Even Gatsby redefines the value of everything he has achieved with the intention of gifting Daisy and reclaiming her as something he had lost. This dream is intoxicating and unachievable for vulnerable individuals whose purpose is glory rather than contentment. In the end, his achievements are a shadow in the ideologies of a society that believe in ‘old money’ being more honorable than hard work.

The dangers of materialism have been echoed ever since the publication of The Great Gatsby. Despite the good intentions of American Capitalism, the American Dream is a boat that takes its occupants slowly back to their dark past in an effort to satisfy it.

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As a reminder, you’ll know how to write satire essay once you tap into your creativity and innovation. Learn new literary techniques and employ stylistic devices that transform ordinary essays to mind-bending satire essays. Remember that the function of satire is to peer into the shortcomings of humanity. Manage this with humor and try to seek a solution to the problem with an open mind. We hope that we have provided adequate guidelines for your essay.

The challenges of writing a satire essay are many and require a more profound knowledge of the field. We sincerely hope the examples of a satire essay will be adequate. On our website, we offer solutions to your inquiries and affordable essay crafting services. The promise is a paper without plagiarism, grammar mistakes, and provided within the deadline. We highly recommend our services and are available 24 hours at your convenience.