Essay About Travelling

Essay About Travelling

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Travelling essay writing is highly popular amongst professors and teachers and for good reason. You can share details and use descriptive language to make places and events shine. It’s a great way for an academic to gauge a student’s English writing ability. There can be many different types of essays about travelling.

Students could be assigned a descriptive piece about a place which they’ve travelled in or a creative piece about travelling. One could also be asked to write about certain aspects of travel, for instance whether it is better to travel in a group or alone, or the advantages of different types of travel such as plain versus train. There are all sorts of different essays that can be assigned, but with the broad category of travelling, it’s good to brush up on some tips which we will discuss throughout this article.

Here in this guide, we’re going to take you through all the tips you need to write a convincing essay about travelling. Whether you’re writing a disadvantages of travelling essay or perhaps a travelling alone or in a group essay, by the end of our article you will hopefully have more of an idea about what makes a great writing piece. We will also include some example essays at the end so that you can see just what a great essay about travelling is to look like.

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What to avoid

Let’s start out by discussing what to avoid in your essay. The reader isn’t going to be interested in any boring details such as travel schedules and the names of restaurants. Unless any of these things add to the story or to the premise of the essay, there’s no point in including them within the body of work.

Creating a compelling scene

When you’re employing descriptive language, give a couple of snapshots of the scene and make them really great. When writing a descriptive account, a lot of good students get right into the middle of their account and show a snap of a striking scene. After that, after arousing reader attention, they will fill in the rest of the story or background. It’s a great technique that works for descriptive writing and travel writing in general.

Make use of vivid, colourful and descriptive language

When providing an account of a certain travel location and writing a descriptive essay piece, it’s important to take the time to tell a story. What are some of the most important things to observe? Can you describe anything esoteric and odd? One needs to be shown thanks using descriptive language, so do make use of adverbs and adjectives to set the scene.

When describing, it’s important to show the people, place or journey through the eyes of yourself, not through the eyes of someone else. If you rewrite someone else’s account, most of the time this will come out as poor writing. It’s important not to imitate some travel guide or blog, because this is your piece and no one else’s. Are you able to put yourself in a particular place? What did you hear, see, taste, say?

Editing your essay

Editing is extremely important to take into account. When you have finished your essay, put it to one side and then read it again a couple of times. Where could you do with any additions? Is there anything that would be confusing to the reader? Is anything tedious or boring and could do with being taken out? These are some of the questions you will need to consider.

By making someone feel senses, making them laugh and help them learn something, this can create a brilliant travel essay. It’s important not to overdo anything, but instead to keep something that is slick and well written. With travel essays, people can get bogged down with description and completely bombard the page with adjectives, so this is where you will need to edit out what isn’t needed.

What about if you’ve never travelled?

It doesn’t matter whether you travel or not – teachers aren’t going to expect that students have had the means to travel far in the first place. What professors and teachers are looking for is a writing ability. Whether your essay is a descriptive piece or it touches about certain aspects of travel, it’s vital that one uses their own general writing abilities to make the work shine. If you have to write about travel in a particular place, or you have invented a place that you’ve never been to, do some research. By no means should you fail to meet the brief if you’ve never travelled before – good marks are within your reach either way.

Examples of different travelling essays

Now we will consider a few examples of travelling essay you can read over and assess for yourself. Look out for examples of good writing and notice where the writer has been clever in their approach. Hopefully by the time you read these examples, you’ll know how to write a great essay for yourself.

The advantages and disadvantages of traveling

As I sat by the beach, with a whiskey in my hand and the warm sand below me, I was thinking to myself, “wow, life is incredible”. Vietnam proved to be an enlightening place – the mix between the hustle and bustle and the pretty, serene landscape. It was truly a time to be alive.

But then I felt another part of my brain kick in – “ what am I doing here?” I asked myself. It dawned on me that perhaps there was a more sinister side to travel than I originally thought. What was I to make of both scenarios?

Now that I’ve returned back to my country, I’ve had time to reflect on both the advantages and disadvantages of travel. There’s so much to say about both, that it requires a lot of consideration. I should be more wary next time before I set off on a trip.

One of the great things about travel is that it allows someone to escape. It doesn’t matter whether someone has just broken up with a girlfriend or they are in a boring job, a getaway is just what one needs. It is indeed travel that provides the perfect form of escaping. You can go far away, far and wide into the distance – a lot more effective than reading a book or watching some sort of moving, as one is physically in a different situation. Leave whatever is making you unhappy at the door and settle for something different. A change of scenery is all that one needs to get over their boredom and misery.

On the other hand, although travel allows one to escape, there is sometimes no way of running away from your problems. Whatever problem you have, it will eventually catch up to. If one were to truly run away and never looked back, then travel may do a lot more harm than good. It is good to escape a bad situation for a certain period of time, however, hiding behind the mask of travel so that one needn’t face their own problems isn’t something that psychologists would advise. Eventually the time will come to face one’s demons head on and stand up in the world to face reality. There’s no point in denying this.

When I was travelling, I learned so much. Seeing a different side of the world is such an enlightening experience and one can learn a lot from immersing themselves in a foreign culture. There is a whole new avenue of discovery that awaits you when you travel. You can learn so much, and open up your eyes to new and beautiful experiences. Travelling makes one more aware of both himself and the world around them. Every single traveller has some unique ability to be both a citizen of their own country and of the world.

My leaving all your worries at the door, there is nobody to judge you. One can really reinvent themselves when they travel and this is a great advantage. When a person is out travelling on the road and meeting new people, learning new things and opening up to new avenues of experience, they are reinventing themselves. Perhaps free reinvention, you will emerge as the self that you have always wanted to be. This feeling of liberation and self-discovery by being put into a foreign climate can be daunting and challenging at times, but it is the tough and difficult that will help one reinvent themselves and grow as individuals. Travel really is addictive and the travel bug can make you fulfilled and happy in ways that you’ve never experienced before.

On the other hand, the addictiveness of travel will infect you in a way that your desire never subsides. Soon you will realise that once will never be enough. I certainly noticed the string of travellers who had remained on the road indefinitely and they did not know how to get back to the real world. If one is particularly prone to addiction, they may want to keep travelling once they are done with one trip. Over time, this can lead to an incurable and restless feeling. One can also feel as though they are lost in the world as they travel around aimlessly looking for things to satisfy them and never quite feeling satisfied.

The opportunities for spontaneity and adventure are everywhere when travelling. One can open up so many different avenues and doors, go on adventures that are both spontaneous and planned and much more. It is certainly a way of creating long-lasting memories for oneself. Who knows what good will come from travelling in the particular area? The feeling of freedom is liberating and it feels good to be away from home.

On the other hand, even if you are not that close to your siblings or family, it’s highly likely that you will feel some sort of homesickness when you are out travelling. You could miss a significant person from your life, such as your mother or father. You could also miss an animal, or a friend who you love. It can be wonderful to get away from home, however when bad times come on your travels, homesickness can creep in and make things worse. Thankfully we have some solution in this day and age with social media which makes communication a lot more readily available and easy.

When you miss things from back home, this can have an effect on your life too. The pleasure of travelling is there, yet it can be very unsatisfying if you are away from home and you miss important events. What would happen if you missed the funeral? He may regret this for the rest of your life and you may blame travelling for preventing you from attending. There are certainly things to consider before heading out travelling.

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The great thing about travelling is that, in this day and age, it has become more and more affordable. One needn’t be a billionaire or have a huge lump of money in the trust fund to travel. By saving a little here and there, this can last for a long time, especially when travelling in poorer countries. By looking at the latest deals and accommodation, it needn’t be a disadvantage that travel will break the bank. One can make time and money for the things they love and travelling is no exception to this rule.

On the other hand, travel can be quite costly over time. Of course you can find easy ways to travel that are affordable, but in the same way you can find it easy to spend all your money. If you travel around in countries that have high costs, such as Australia or the United States of America, you will be moving down under in terms of breaking the bank. All of those savings that you have accumulated will not last you very long now. It is also the same when you are considering difficult destinations such as Antarctica. If you have to track for a long way to get somewhere, this will certainly cost you a lot of money. You may have to rethink your travel plans and budget in order to not spend so much money over time.

With the numerous advantages and disadvantages I’ve thought about, I can still say that it was worthwhile going to Vietnam and enriching myself with life experiences. Next time I decide whether or not I want to go somewhere, I’ll have a lot more to think about.

Travelling alone in a group or alone essay

Have you ever had a dream about taking a vacation? It’s certainly doing that many people have in their lives. One could take a solo journey or an epic trip with some friends, yet what are the advantages and disadvantages of both means of travel? Is it best to travel alone what to travel in a group?

Personality is important when making this kind of decision. Are you more of their family person or do you prefer spending time alone? The differences between introverted and extroverted personalities tie into the choices one should make. Some people may feel much too nervous to travel alone and so may work the company, whereas some people may not want their company to crowd their decision-making. A lot of people say that you should try and go on some server chips of your own to see what you think, but it’s not that easy. After all, you don’t want to spend all of your time and money to have a miserable experience when it could be avoided. What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling alone versus group travel?

If you consider cost, it is a lot cheaper to travel in a group. The rates and discounts that a group can get on accommodation are large, for instance you may have noticed how the prices differ between double occupancy, single occupancy and so on. Not only are cost cheaper for accommodation, but transportation as well as group rates for things like museums and amusement parks all decrease as more people attend. The sky’s the limit in terms of discounts when you travel by group and this saves people money to do the things they want.

If you think of the saying, safety in numbers, you can begin to see how it applies with travel. When going to unknown places, there are a number of potential dangers that could lurk around the corner – pick pockets, drug dealers, gangs and even crazy drivers could prove to be problematic. One particular advantage of travelling in a group is that you have people who can watch your back. When you’re solo, he may not have this opportunity, however one person on their own is likely to draw less of a crowd and less attention to themselves than a group would.

Travelling in a group opens up opportunities to share experiences. If there’s someone else around you to enjoy the good times with, you can have a real life together. Introverted types may not see this as a necessary advantage, however for the most part, people like to spend their time with others. After all, we are social animals and we need people to share things with, laugh with and have memories. You can share both the good times and the bad, plus when you are done, you can meet with those people and reminisce about all the times you had together.

But perhaps when you are in a group, you may lack privacy. This is certainly a disadvantage for someone who strongly values their private time, because when you are in a group there is no doubt that this will be restricted. One could find themselves with very little time for solo projects when travelling in a group, especially when sharing accommodation together.

To go along with a lack of privacy, if you want to get away from someone in the group because of a clash of personality, this may be difficult. Travelling in a group puts you in touch with people, but if you have a falling out it can be difficult for the parties involved. Situations could become uncomfortable and rather awkward and solo travelling doesn’t pose any risks of this sort. The solution is only to travel with your best friends, however who knows what situation may arise to cause some sort of falling out.

Aas people may not be interested in you, they may also not be interested in the things you want to do. With group travel, differing interests between the members of the group can be a disadvantage, especially if there are things that take a long time to do. Imagine if you were a culture vulture and wanted to spend all your time at a museum, yet other people were to drag the group towards the beach how would you feel about this and how much tension would it create? Even if you are one who avoids confrontation, ultimately it will harm your trip if you just keep quiet.

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to both the group travelling and solo travelling. To determine which is the best choice, one needs to look at their personality and see how it lines up with being alone and being around others. Do you value your solo time or do you need people around you? When spending a lot of time travelling, it’s important to make decisions that won’t give you and others a bad time. Everybody wants the best trip possible.

Wrap Up

That’s about it from us. Hopefully the tips and examples we’ve provided will inspire you to create and write a great travelling essay. Remember to be honest and write about what you think is best. Good luck with the essay writing!