The Great Depression Essay

The Great Depression Essay

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Tons of paperwork land on your head in whatever educational establishment you study. When dealing with the essays, we used to relax a little since we’re sure to bring into play the whole creativity and imagination. It could be going to work if speaking about fiction but you’ll definitely fail while writing essays. The following narration relates to The Great Depression essay and introduces a vivid example of A+ writing assignment.

Great Depression Essay Some Historical Facts to Stay on Top

Here is the history in brief to save your time but for the better result, it would be wise to study the topic deeper independently.

The Great Depression is a worldwide economic crisis that erupted in 1929 and lasted for 10 years. It captured the territory of the USA and leaked to all facets of social life. It reached its peak in 1933 and put 25% of the population out of work. Those that were lucky to save their positions and jobs met the reduction of the wages. Domestic products fell up to 50% and world trade declined sharply by 65%.

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Much of the blame for the situation lay with the Central Bank that made several fatal flaws. Franklin D. Roosevelt became a President in 1932 and created a set of programs that stopped the crisis. Are similar profound losses possible now or in the nearest future? Experts have diverging views on particular aspects of the issue.

This is a short description of the topic and it requires such details as revealing reasons, consequences, explanations and other components of the top-quality Great Depression Essay. The following passages will open up the issue and let you get a useful indication of the point.

Great Depression Essay Harbingers of Crash and Its Background

Despite the points of the topic you need to display, it’s necessary to tell about the key facts and shed light on the main aspects.

The people’s social life and all sectors of the national economy had been under the umbrella of the American government. It started interfering with business and social activities. Such domestic policies made a total economic decline, unemployment, and impoverishment unavoidable.

Facts and Chronology

  • A conflagration broke out on October 24, 1929, when the stock market crumbled.

  • It lasted up to 1939 and was the most difficult period in the U.S. economy.

  • In 1933, the country lost a quarter of its workforce.

  • In 1930, the governments approved The Smoot-Hawley Act jacked up the price on foreign agricultural products in order to support native farmers but food prices skyrocketed.

  • Crowds of farmers moved to the south to find a source of income.

  • In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt became a President and developed projects to unblock the country.

  • It takes him and his environment 7 years to handle the situation.

  • The USA started growing again in 1939.

Let the Reasons Become Visible

If writing What Caused the Great Depression Essay, you should give special attention to reasons and triggers. Let’s consider the details below that are given as the almost ready-to-use example. Try to stick to the facts and write about the reasons that are approved by the scientists. There’s no need to display doubtful versions or your personal vision.

The first trigger was the stock market collapse in 1929. The event turned into the pull for the closing of more than 700 financial establishments of the country that year and 3000 of banks next year. People started panicking and withdrawing money that led to the banks’ failure. Since the process became higher and the wages decreased significantly, people were not able to consume goods/services at the maintenance level. The stores were flooded with products but nobody could buy them. So, the investments turned into nonsense.

When the stock market failed, foreign partners and American companies focused on the foreign exchange markets. At the time, the gold standard was the foundation of the value of the national currency. In, 1931 the speculators started selling dollars and exchange it for gold. As a result, the world market choked on dollars.

Many historians and other scientists claim that the stock market crash was the trigger. However, the combination of several factors played a fatal role. Everything could have been corrected in a year unless there were some catches.

The officials’ reaction and right actions could have saved the country but it approved erroneous decisions that exacerbated the suffering of state. High taxes on import reduced world trade. Nature also contributed to a crisis since its drought “helped” poor farming.

Display the Impact

The next step is crucial if you have to write not only about triggers but also include impacts in your paperwork. So, when writing Causes and Effects of the Great Depression essay, it’s not enough to mention facts but it’s necessary to show consequences and influence of the crisis on the various industries, fields, and niches. Here, you can find a good example to use it as a base for your own writing.

Causes and Effects of the Great Depression Essay

The Great Depression dealt a serious blow to all the sectors of society despite the people’s occupations, age, and domicile. Stock Market Crash in 1929 became the starting point. It occurred on Thursday on October 24 that’s why this event went down as “Black Thursday”. It gave rise to the Depression and continued for a decade.

Not only the Wall Street crash but also a list of some other economic conditions provoked such a huge crisis. For example, the agricultural sector expanded because it had to provide soldiers with food during World War I. That’s why they increased the scale and purchased expensive equipment and modes of transport for this purpose. They took credits and invested in their business. Since the stuff cost a lot, they were taken on debts in order to have the opportunity to grow and handle the demand. Another adverse factor the overvalued goods on the market that started reducing their consuming. All those conditions tool place before the Depression and were getting worse rapidly after the crisis had erupted. We can argue a lot about those or some other reasons but it happened and the history notoriously has never known the subjunctive.

If looking at the period from1929 and up to 1939 in terms of culture, we see its dawn and significant development. Jazz captures clubs and concert-halls, show business was moving apace. The high-tech household equipment rushed into Americans’ rooms and kitchens. Sound movies captured the audience’s heart in 1937.

The people suffered heavy losses since financial establishment closed and the plants decreased their output. The latter led to massive cutbacks and a fall in wages, as well as to frequent strikes Ensue. Although John D.Rockfeller claimed that it’s enough just to be patient because the future prosperity is inevitable, all the people suffered from poverty, the large business continued panicking and solve its problems at the public’s expense.

With regard to agriculture, the majority of the farmers neglected their affairs, were evicted for debts or moved on earnings willingly. Some farmers eliminated their harvest in despair because the stores didn’t give them the real price for their products. It is also that the majority of farms were situated at Great Plains that is remarkable for dust storms and droughts. It just occurred that adverse weather conditions were much severer on the eve of the Depression. They ravaged the agricultural sector of the American economy. Besides, the permanent overgrazing provoked drought.

When people started protesting in the streets, the police opened fire on them. Communists were exploiting this situation to distribute their agitation and they really managed to convince a huge number of people that they’re their only opportunity to handle Depression.

In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt came to power and all eyes looked his way. He realized his responsibility and fatal consequences if he wouldn’t not up to it. His wife Eleanor decided to explore the people’s real life. She and her husband were from the cream of American society and had never come into direct contact with poor people. Her ability to see the impartial picture and face the truth played a key role in the further President’s wise decisions.

He and his advisors developed effective projects to remove poverty and unemployment and revive the economy, as well as to change the financial sector dramatically. The diversity of programs was not identical to their quality, but they facilitated the improvements.

The Depression’s impact went far beyond the USA. For example, it made the Australian agriculture and industry slowdown. The Canadian industrial niched reduced, as well as the amount of workforce (it falls up to 27%). French economy got off with a fright since it managed to save people from firing but lost its commodity that reduced by 20%. Greece suffered much more and had to disentangle consequences up to 1940.

Chine was unharmed but Latin America’s economy was almost destroyed since it had always been dependent on the British and USA investments.

Those people that still see the Great Depression in their nightmares stress the hardness of saving humanity at that time because one had to compete with the others to survive.

The Great Depression in Canada Essay

The example mentioned above touched the point of the Depression’s echoes in other countries. The following sample is helpful for those students that should write The Great Depression in Canada Essay.

In 1929, the stock market crash happened in the USA. It provoked the shock wave that reached Canada and caused the collapse of the country’s economy, including agriculture and industry. Such economic conditions went so far that many Canadian enterprises hired females and fired males because they can pay women less.

More and more people were losing their jobs and the percentage of unemployment grew from 4.2% in 1929 up to 27% in 1933. The Canadian economy had suffered a colossal 45 per cent drop in output. The crisis touched each sector of the community. People started getting less money at their work and they can hardly buy essential goods and food. For example, in Montreal, almost 30% of its population starved and got a miniscule $3.16/week for two members of the family.

Besides, such nature cataclysm as drought contributed a lot in the farming destruction. Another aggravating factor is the lack of effective state programs of assistance. All of them led to redistributing wealth among people.

What about triggers? Rapid scaling of new fields of the economy required credits for the plants and factories’ outfitting. That’s why they failed to clear their debts when the stock market fell apart and firing people to avoid bankruptcy. Not only enterprises and business loaned money but also individuals took credits as well and started purchasing household equipment, tours, and tons of other goods and services for work and entertainment. Certainly, they were not able to return debts after 1929 and banks started to impound the property of the debtors.

Another reason for poverty it The First World War’s ruination when Canada had to loan money in order to recover the country. When Depression started in the USA, Canadian banks also increased their rates that made the manufacture, supply, and trade almost impossible. The result is that the country felt an acute shortage of products.

In Canada, fish, food, minerals, and wood were strategically important products because the country delivered them to their foreign partners. However, the increased tariffs made it impossible to trade and tons of products (50% of goods) remained in the Canadian storages. Even Canadians couldn’t purchase those goods because of the lack of money.

More than a third of Canadians had no job until 1933 and only the government could help them survive. Hundreds of students had to leave universities and colleges for earnings because their families were not able to pay school fees.

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So, what was the government’s solution? They arranged labor camps where people got clothes and food in exchange for their work. Both old and young Canadians had to build roads, bridges and other heavy constructions. The working conditions were hard and the workers’ income was extremely low. That led to the strikes and confrontation between police and workers.

To stop the impending disaster, Canadian Prime Minister Bennett and American President Roosevelt implemented some programs to improve the situation. As a result, people got higher wages, lower taxes, a fixed number of working hours per week, and insurance. This steps helped prevent mass protests.

Canada began to recover in 1933 and the speed of growth were surprisingly fast. However, manufacturing still felt difficulties since it was rather hard to restore international trade.

How did Canada manage to remove financial problems? In 1934, the Bank of Canada opened its doors and just in three years, it became national. The government didn’t forget about mental policies and created Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission to keep people informed and motivated, as well as to escape propaganda and mind control of those organizations that could have undermined the citizens’ credibility.

The Second World War began and this tragic event in world history contributed to the economic growth of Canada. European countries required raw materials and military structures created thousands of job opportunities. Foreign investments flew to the country and Canada got a chance to restore its exports market. Besides, the parallel American economy restoration provided Canada with significant support. In 1939, Canada demonstrated the economy scaling for the first time in ten years.

Some Tips While Writing the Great Depression Essay

Prior to writing the essay, take into consideration that you should go beyond two examples displayed above. It would be useful to look through the other samples and to see how the same facts and similar explanations can be narrated. It’s also crucial to pay attention not only to the topic itself but also to the paperwork’s structure and language that various authors use.

Besides, any essay implies introducing your own thought and opinion. That’s why give attention to other writers feelings and thought that they display in their writing in order to develop your own vision. If you lack writing skills, study some theory and use your educational establishment’s materials. Fortunately, there are tons of recommendations and other information on the Internet or in the school libraries.

Note that any essay example is not ready-to-use paperwork. If you just copy and paste it, you’ll definitely face the problem of plagiarism. No teacher will approve a sloppy. That’s why take time to make your own researches and conclusions and to write unique paperwork. Besides, bear in mind the literacy and don’t forget about editing to remove errors and misprints.

In other words, planning, research, writing, and editing are the components of the firm foundation of the high-quality essay that has a good chance to impress your teacher. Stay unique, creative, and hardworking and the reward won’t keep itself waiting too long.