How To Write Narrative Essay

How To Write Narrative Essay

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A narrative story brings out emotions in readers. Your task as a writer is not only to convey a factual account of a personal event or experience but also to deliver the outcome of that event to your readers. Communicating that information ought to be done in a manner that leaves your reader with something valuable. You can even contemplate beginning your narrative writing by posing a question that your readers can think about as they go through the rest of the essay. Make sure that you offer a response or a kind of tie into that question in the concluding statement.

Narrative writing entails a small amount of story-telling ability. In a normal narrative format, the writer narrates a personal experience or event and not only reveals what transpired but also what lesson was learned. For your paper to be successful, you must be able to clearly communicate why your story is important. There are many methods available writing a narrative essay – a look at some narrative essay examples will show this. However, the most popular is the Five-Step Method for Writing Descriptive narratives.

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The Five-Step Method for Writing Narrative Stories

  1. Brainstorming

  2. Without question, this is the most crucial page. Here, writers are required to recall personal experiences relevant to their assignment’s theme. When selecting an experience to write about in your narrative story, you need to consider even events that seem unimportant since they have the potential to make a good narrative paragraph. One common thing is that we tend to talk fervently about the things that we are connected to emotionally.

    After having decided on a topic, take your time and write your recollection of appropriate events and remembering as many details as possible. Moreover, information about the date, time of the year, people present, and important objects should be included. Having a timeline for your story will lead to a smooth flow of details and storyline.

  3. Writing the Narrative Form

  4. Before you come up with your final copy, make use of the outline created in the brainstorming segment to write a draft copy. Narrative essay examples which are written in the first person narrative are mostly the ones that readers enjoy. Using ‘I’ will assist to engage the reader.

    You need to remember your role as the storyteller. Don’t leave out the smaller details. The reader wasn’t present; you need to paint a clear picture of the experience as it occurred. You can begin your narrative essay examples with a provocative statement or by posing a question that any reader can mull over as they go through your work. Utilize descriptive words that produce clear visuals. You have to engage with your readers. Do not just mention what occurred, go a step further and explain what occurred.

    Use your natural storytelling capability to come up with a text that is engaging. One thing to note is that a narrative essay isn’t a short story. It should be captivating and authentic.

  5. Revision

    Revision in narrative writing involves reading, modifying, and reformatting a paper with a view to composing the best paper possible. During revision, you need to consider the following:

    Are the word choices descriptive or informative?

    Is the paper composed in a manner that it is easy to read and comprehend and also makes sense to the reader?

    Have I effectively communicated the big picture message? Is the reader able to understand the connection between the event and the overall meaning?

    When you try to answer the question “what is a narrative essay,” keep in mind that it’s upon you to decide the right time to tell the significance of the experience. Some people decide to reveal this connection in the first paragraph, while others decide to reveal this connection closer to the end. Revelation, in the beginning, assists the reader in comprehending the story better as it progresses, while revelation at the end will leave the reader with more to think about.

  6. Editing

  7. In this section, you will involve yourself with rereading your narrative story and rectify any spelling or grammar errors. You can have someone else go over your work before you come up with the final paper.

  8. Come up with the Final Copy

  9. Given the nature of a narrative paper, sharing it with other people can be scary. However, it’s almost always worth it.

Narrative Essay Definition

For those who’ve come across the words narrative essay for the first time, many questions might come to mind, for example, “what is a narrative essay” or “what is narrative writing.”

A narrative essay simply a story that tells a story. They just don’t tell any story. Narrative essay examples are circumstantial, personal, and always factual. Narrative essays necessitate the writer to use experiences which correlate with the selected topic and let the readers know what happened, how it occurred, and why the event was significant.

Narrative Format

How to Write a Narrative Essay

Wondering how to start a narrative essay? The following are tips on how to come up with a great narrative paper:

  • Your essay ought to have a relevant point. The reader should comprehend the connection between the story and topic.

  • You should write from a clear point of view. You’ll better engage the reader by utilizing the descriptor ‘I.’

  • When composing a narrative essay, the essay ought to have the main components of a good story, i.e., introduction, plot, setting, pertinent character profiles, and conclusion.

  • Use clear language. Include descriptive phrases or words that evoke emotional responses in readers that make them feel part of the story.

  • Use an organized narrative format. Your paper should have a clear introduction, body paragraphs that are transitional and chronological, and a conclusion that leaves the reader with something to ponder.

Structure of a Narrative Essay

Just like other essays, a narrative story needs an outline that details all the sections of the paper and which crucial points are required.

There are three main sections of a narrative essay’s structure:

  1. The Introduction

  2. Hook, thesis statement, and a vivid description of why the topic is essential.

  3. The Body

  4. An overview of the setting, the main people involved, the beginning of the event, climax, and ending.

  5. The Conclusion

How was the event or experience significant? What was the moral of your story?

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Other Tips on How to Write a Narrative Essay

  • Try not to use slang.

  • Make use of transition words to talk about what occurred and when.

  • Always begin your essay with either a verifiable fact, a famous quote, a question, or even a thought-provoking fact.

  • Depict events in your paper in sequential order. It’s the simplest way to tell a story, and also your readers won’t miss significant details.

  • Strive to be as descriptive as possible.

  • Try as much as possible to bring out all the five senses via your narrative writing. For example, who and what did you see? What did you hear?


For those bothered by questions such as “how to start a narrative essay” or “what is narrative writing,” the information above will provide you with answers to these questions. Narrative essay examples are fascinating ways of communicating personal experiences. However, you need to remember that they aren’t short stories, and therefore should not be composed as such. Narrative stories are supposed to be relevant and truthful.