5 Paragraph Essay Outline

5 Paragraph Essay Outline

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You have just been assigned a task by your tutor, and your thoughts are not yet clear. Or you have been thinking about an issue of interest, but the mind and its ever wandering character is shifting from object to object, and memories and fantasies are flooding uncontrollably causing discomfort and disruption now and then till you feel exhausted and you wonder if you can get the task at hand done.

At such a moment, you are tempted to postpone the task and wait for the last minutes to rush in and write whatever will come to mind and hope that it won’t be a mindless endeavor that will cause you harm, like low grades in your course work or a bad life since your quality of thought is wanting. But then, such temptations should be overcome and the easiest way to do so is by knowing that a 5 paragraph essay is all you need to get your thoughts clear and to launch you into a productive and enjoyable thinking and scholarly experience.

Components of Things

Thoughts are things. If they were not things then they wouldn’t cause certain effects as determining the quality of life or grades on your term paper. All things, on the other hand, are made up of number. You might have heard of an ancient sage called Pythagoras. He was among the first people in ancient Greece who noted that all is number. Well, the simple logic is that if there exists a thing, then that thing must have belonged to a certain class of things. And if a class is differentiated from other things then it must have gone through some form of differentiation. This differentiation and comparison is a mathematical operation. Therefore the identification and being of things is necessarily a mathematical operation. But mathematics can only be about numbers and symbols representing numbers. Therefore thoughts are also numbers and combination of numbers. Now, tradition posits that for a thing to be complete then it must add up to ten. Hence the expression; ‘perfect ten’. Yet the number ten is made up of the sum of 1, 2, 3, and 4. These numbers formed the Pythagorean ‘tetractys’ and are also the basic elements of all things.

Therefore, our five paragraph essay is a thing that is to be made complete by the addition of the basic numbers or elements that are otherwise known as:

  • Air resonating with the number 1

  • Fire resonating with the number 2

  • Water resonating with the number 3

  • Earth resonating with the number 4

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Creating a 5 Paragraph Essay Outline

It can be seen that the five paragraph essay can be made to correspond to the requirements of a perfect ten if the structure conforms to the basic elements outlined above. We also know that a five paragraph essay is also supposed to conform to standard essay structure that is comprised of:

  • The opening or introduction

  • The main argument or presentation

  • The conclusion

This implies that the main argument is to have 3 paragraphs.

Now, since the opening and conclusion contain the same kind of information, then we can safely allot the first four paragraphs to the basic elements. The opening of the essay comprises of the element air; the second paragraph is supposed to resonate with the fire element, the third with the element water and the fourth paragraph is supposed to resonate with the element earth. The fifth paragraph may be deemed to resonate with the fifth element that is deemed as ‘passive’ according to tradition otherwise known as ‘ether’. This passive element sums up all the interactions of the four and is the basis of future action. Therefore, we can now detail our 5 paragraph essay outline according to the basic elements and their corresponding archetypes.

We have noted that our five paragraph essay outline is made up of:

  • An opening or introduction resonating with ‘Air’ whose archetype is Identity

  • The second paragraph resonating with ‘Fire’ and whose archetype is desire for completion

  • The third paragraph is about resolution of tension, hence resonating with water

  • And the fourth paragraph is about stability or culmination of action and resonates with earth.

  • The final paragraph is about stability and or the establishment of equilibrium

Conforming to Academic Essay Formats

The context of thought involved here is that of academia. This is a great thing because it allows other people to read and study our essays critically and to help in the validation and use of new knowledge. For example, academic essays and papers are subjected to peer review mechanisms. Yet, there are several academic paper writing formats like:

  • APA format

  • MLA format

  • Chicago format

These formats are about how to make citations and record references that we have made in the course of our thinking in the essay. This implies something critical regarding the five paragraph essay and five paragraph essay outline that is needed to help us clarify our ideas and thoughts and eventually arrive at a high quality essay that will not only help us to score high grades, but that will help us establish better personal lives. The critical thing implied is that we need to be conscious of our claims and that we need to rely heavily on evidence as we write our essay. We may find ourselves being required to write according to different writing formats, therefore, the important thing here is that we should be able to make the requisite references regarding the format(s) required for each essay.

Developing the 5 Paragraph Essay Outline Format

We now have the basic requirements for developing a 5 paragraph essay outline format. The outline has the following components as developed from the foregoing discussion. Let us now try to list the components in order of priority.

  • Problem statement

  • Noting the essay type required

  • Noting the academic writing format

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The Problem Statement

This is about the question that requires the response to be presented in the 5 paragraph essay. The main idea is to find out the requirements of the context. For example, what are some of the main expectations that we are supposed to meet with respect to the lecturer or the course work? How have they been explicated in the problem presented? Clarity on the intentions and the core requirements of the essay help us in the process of identifying the best thesis statements that may fit in the task.

Essay Types

Since essays are thoughts and thoughts are things, we need to know the relevant category of essay that needs to be written. There are four basic types of essays:

  • The explorative essay that also resonates with the air element

  • The analytic essay resonating with the fire element and works to show the basic relations and their validity

  • The argumentative essay that resonates with water and is aimed at establishing the best solutions or relations that work to give optimal results

  • Implementive or empirical essays that describe actions taken, their results and accompanying conclusions

Normally, one would need to go through all the above kinds of essays on a given subject in order to generate comprehensive thought. And given that the five paragraph essay is not only brief but is also comprehensive; it is easy for the thinker or scholar to develop high quality thought and works quickly. For example, one would need to make a five paragraph essay outline for each kind of essay in order to develop a strong thesis statement for the intended assay. The outlines are also a good source for the argument to be presented in the final essay.

Academic Format

Knowing the problem statement isn’t all that the lecturer or writing context requires from us. We need to identify the writing format that is relevant to the essay. The problem statement and the kind of essay required to guide us in making the relevant literature reviews. The required academic format helps us to know how we are going to cite these works accordingly. In some cases, this allows proper indexing of references or just allowing us to be aware of the required standards of writing.


The opening paragraph is supposed to resonate with the air element that also resonates with the identity archetype. This implies that the initial statement and the details that follow it are supposed to be about the identity and purpose of the entire essay. Only this time, the basic concepts making the main argument are to be mentioned briefly and are to culminate in a statement of the main idea at the end of the paragraph. If the logic holding the statements is solid and relevant, then the paragraph can be taken to be gripping and one may not need to sweat out trying to find an anecdote or any compelling statements to engage the reader.

2nd Paragraph

Our main argument starts here, and since this paragraph resonates with fire, then the beginning statement needs to show urgency for the development of the main idea. The statement should be about the necessity of the venture. But in order for us to show necessity, we must be ready to provide proof of necessity. This is thus the role of the second paragraph.

3rd Paragraph

If the matter already developed in prior paragraphs is urgent and necessary, then we need to develop a settling argument that quenches the fire and at least begins to bring matters to equilibrium. This is the role of the third paragraph that resonates with the water element. Again, the opening must resonate with the function of the paragraph and reasons and evidence adduced to support the task of the paragraph.

4th Paragraph

Given that the identity, necessity and tension resolution have been shown, the fourth paragraph resonating with the earth is left for the establishment and justification of a derived status quo. Again reasons supporting the status quo are given and meritorious closure of argument provided.


The final part of the essay resonating to ether is about reiterating the derived status quo established in the fourth paragraph. Our concluding paragraph must be similar to the opening paragraph in content; only this time it repeats briefly what has been discussed in the previous paragraphs and shows future implications.

Deriving a 5 Paragraph Essay Outline Template

The 5 paragraph essay outline format derived above can be quickly turned into a 5 paragraph essay template. The main requirement is to intend to develop on a 5 paragraph essay example and work using the foregoing discussion to develop a 5 paragraph essay outline example by answering the questions implied by the format. Developing this 5 paragraph essay outline example helps one to develop a fitting 5 paragraph essay outline template that can be used over and over for effective results.


We have now fully developed a technique for writing a 5 paragraph essay outline using a mathematical method that eventually leads to scientific knowledge and that can be simulated in all contexts possible. What remains now is putting effort to create better essays and lives.