How to Write an Autobiography

How to Write an Autobiography

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An autobiography is basically the longest and fullest story about you. You as well write it for personal use for purposes of structuring and perpetuating your memories. If maybe you’re sure that your life will be as interesting that people would love reading about, you could create an autobiography for the public. It generally covers the period from when you were born till now. For inspiration purposes, include the information on how you have achieved your goals and success. For autobiographical essays, the aim is to convince the admissions officer to accept you into college. Autobiographical essays target to portray your persona and not profession. In our guide on how to write an autobiography essay, we will share with you some of the awesome tips about autobiographical writing. This can really be helpful for your writing. Order Now

How to Write an Autobiography Essay Structure

In this guide on how to write an autobiography essay, we’ll focus on the basic principles of structuring an autobiographical essay. Introduction Many times, people wonder how to start writing an autobiography essay introduction. It’s more or less like other essay’s introductions. The focus of the introductory paragraph is to capture the reader’s attention and present the idea and theme of the writing. However, be careful not to make it too long, one to three sentences would do just fine for a regular introduction. Provide the readers with a general picture of yourself for them to know more about you. Mention the following:
  • Age
  • Personal qualities
  • Principles of worldview
  • Make the description more vivid by adding some details about your experience.
Body This holds most of the information, roughly 80-90% of the whole autobiography text. The requirements are not that strict but don’t forget to use correct wording and apply a logical sequence. You could also apply a different paragraph structure like the classic five for your writing if it fits. To increase the readability of your essay, use several paragraphs and even better, have a logical connection between paragraphs. This helps the reader follow your thoughts easily. Conclusion You’ve already exhausted all your ideas in the main body of the essay; now it’s time to know how to conclude an autobiography. It has to be strong and impressive. Write about some of the lessons you’ve learned and the impact they’ve had on your life thanks to the experiences. Don’t hide anything, even the negative consequences. Remember, bad experiences are useful for personal development. Just like Theodore Roosevelt once said ‘The only man who never makes a mistake is one who doesn’t do anything. With the information on the structure of an autobiography essay, let’s move on to a step by step process on how to write an autobiography about yourself.

Step by Step process on How to Write an Autobiography Essay

Many people usually ask on ‘how to write an autobiography of myself?’ Worry no more. Below is a simple and brief step by step guideline to solve your problems: Read a Well Know Autobiography Just remember you are not the first or last person who’ll ever write an autobiography. Successful icons and writers do autobiographies to motivate a wider audience. Find an autobiography that belongs to an author who gives you endless inspiration and read it so to the get the basic understanding of autobiographical writing. Think Over Your Life Try remembering all the significant people, unusual experiences or events in your life. This might take quite some time as we think of the many inspiring experiences we’ve had. You could as well consider your childhood and give all your parents credit, or maybe you did something worth noting during those times. Come Up With a List If you like making lists, this can be the most thrilling part but on the other hand quite boring for some. It all depends on your personal tastes. It is recommended that your memories should be divided into categories as this will enable you to organize your ideas more logically.
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Choose a Point from Your List You shouldn’t write your full autobiography. Try remembering all the significant people, unusual experiences or events in your life. This could pose quite a headache especially for adults with so many social experiences to share. Be objective and choose a theme that would be interesting not only for you but also your readers. Brainstorm Ideas Once you have a topic of focus, take your time and think through some of the ideas for your writing. Consider the following:
  • What’s the best or worst thing about the experience you want to tell us about?
  • What details are worth the readers’ attention?
  • What mood do you want to share?
  • What feelings do you target to awaken?
  • What has changed after this event?
  • What are the lessons you’ve learned?
  • Why is this moment so important to you?
  • Why this experience and not others?
  • Why write your autobiography now and not some other time?
  • What general notion can be related to this?
Have an Outline For every process, planning is an essential part. If you need more details on how to write an autobiography outline, look up on the structure section, we’ve explained it well. There is a good explanation on what you should include in each part. Your outline can take a list, table or pyramid form. Proofread Your Work Check for any mistakes in terms of grammar, spelling, verb tense, punctuation and even word forms. Grammatical mistakes turn off readers. Seek a Second Opinion Before you present your writing, get feedback from your friends and family. They might notice some of the missed mistakes and even give your advice on how to improve content.


We are hopeful that this guide has sorted out some of the issues you heard pertaining autobiography essays. How to write an autobiography of myself may seem confusing at first, but with practice and following guidelines, you can be sure to hack through. Have you tried how to write an autobiography about yourself before? Do you know how to write an autobiography? Share your insights with us.