How To Write An Expository Essay

How To Write An Expository Essay

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Basically, this type of essay is that which is meant to give an argument on the basis of a specific topic examined or studied. With clarity and conciseness, expository essay writing presents the main ideas or thoughts to the readers thus comparing and contrasting major points. Additionally, an expository essay delves into examples that are relevant and explains in the best way possible the surrounding phenomenon. This is the definition of answering the question of what is an expository essay.

It could be a student’s first time to hear of the word Expository or even this type of an essay. In the basic formula possible, the student should not wonder much about what is an expository essay but they should remember that it is all concerned with analyzing data or information in the best way possible. How to write an expository essay involves imaginable scenarios to understanding the essays such as answering a request that required one to give detailed information as much as possible to a task. It could probably be the analysis of the applicability of a machine, or of computer software.

Writing expository essays requires consideration of unique topics. Basically, the idea of uniqueness is to enhance the article and put it above the common article posted online for readers. It is important to remember that readers are attracted to a paper that stands above the rest in terms of its topic, its arrangement, and its persuasiveness.

The key aspect of an expository essay is that it is exploratory in nature. The essay is subjective in terms of how it presents the information given that it is enriched with primary information which without any doubt are representative of the writer’s views.

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Expository Essay versus Argumentative Essay

Notably, there has been great confusion when it comes to the two types of essays mentioned above. In terms of the goal, it is imperative to note that they have varying objectives and end results. The writer in the case of an expository essay strives at convincing the readers basically about the position adopted or the standpoint as opposed to the argumentative essay which is objective and is based on proof, evidence, comparison and contrasting of others view. Essentially, an author of the expository essay aims at making his or her readers understand what they stand for as opposed to the argumentative which brings to fore a position that is debatable and subject to modification. When writing an expository essay, the key points that inform the entire content reflects the writers understanding of the expository essay outline which essentially is to persuade the readers to concur with the author’s position.

Expository Essay Topics

There are rules for generating a good topic before understanding how to write an expository essay considering that there are so many of them. As earlier discussed, uniqueness is the key but one needs to carry out audience analysis to establish the kind of people they are trying to reach out to with the paper. The first rule, in this case, is to extensively brainstorm on the subject so that as the writer you can settle on the best topic that is not only interesting to you but also to the readers. While writing an expository essay, specificity in terms of the topic is very important. Avoiding broad topics that bring about confusion is not encouraged at all. The subject of discussion ought to be narrow enough so that conciseness and clarity are achieved.

The following lists consist of topics to choose from:

  • How do you utilize your free time? Explain.

  • Explain who your role model is and give reasons

  • How do you write a letter to your parents

  • How do you memorize new French words

  • Explain how to switch on a computer

More advanced topics on Expository Essay

  • How to spend the disposable income wisely

  • Explain how to deal with hazing in learning institutions

  • Explain the effect of online gaming on teenagers

  • Explain the concept of time management and observance of punctuality

  • Why is divorce so rampant? Explain how to deal with it

Having generated or settled on the topic, it is now time to begin the writing process. The writing process begins with coming up with an outline whose purpose is to serve as the roadmap to the final document. Here is the structure of an outline for a great expository essay:

The Structure of an Outline for a Great Expository Essay


This part contains a concise and brief explanation of the topic in addition to the thesis statement. More so the purpose of the essay is to give information in as far as addressing the topic chosen is concerned and for that reason, the introductory topic shouldn’t fall any short of this goal. Importantly this is a very critical part of the entire expository essay given that it can either keep the reader on the article or it can drive them away. Special attention, in this case, should, therefore, be considered and the introduction should basically consist of:

  • Present to the readers a dilemma or pose questions which are disputable in nature

  • Define and make the introduction of the most relevant and critical pieces of information that the readers need to know right from the beginning of the expository essay

  • Have a well thought of claim to drive the entire document and to keep the readers reading through the document so that they can establish your justification or explanation to it

The Thesis of an Expository Essay Writing

  • The claim statement in this type of article presents only facts and nothing else

  • Helps the readers to appreciate and understand the core ideas presented by the writer

  • The purpose of the writing and what it intends to explain is presented through this statement

The Body of the Expository Essay

The basic requirement for an expository essay format especially the body is that the writer must be a good writer. They must understand what goes into writing and what are the most important elements to consider when writing the paper?

  • For the body, every paragraph should contain the main idea and these ideas should not overlap to the subsequent paragraphs especially where they are not sufficiently addressed when they arise.

  • Short, clear and interesting sentences backed with supporting evidence are the flesh to the body of the expository essay writing

  • Explanations are given satisfactorily on why the facts provided are significant besides playing roles in the article.

The Conclusion as Contained in Expository Essay Format

What are the major points that have been tackled by the expository essay? Is it important to restate them to the readers? And how are they supposed to be restated? These are some of the most critical questions answered by expository essay outline which also establishes if the purpose of the writer has been achieved or not. In essence, the summary part addresses the following areas:

  • Providing an overview of the whole topic addressed once more

  • Offering possible solutions to the problems that have been highlighted or identified by the expository essay

  • Proving the importance of the article to the readers which they should authentically get from the summation

  • Reminding the readers of the reason why the expository essay was written and the value added to their lives.

The First Draft of an Expository Essay

Having created an expository essay outline, the next step is coming up with the draft. This is the very first formal writing that the writer is involved in and it has its own set of requirements. Mistakes made during this process shouldn’t alter the argument and mislead the readers. However, it is acceptable to have some few errors at this point given that this is not the final draft and it will still be subjected to some form of revision. The best way to stick to the theme, the topic, and the general purpose is to always make references with regards to the earlier stated thesis statement so that the writer is kept on track. A good draft additionally considers the use of transitional words such as therefore, with regards, consequently, however, importantly, considerably, furthermore, notably, basically and so on.

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Editing the Expository Essays

Now that the first draft has been written, it is time to subject it to more proofreading so that mistakes can be ironed out and a fine document can be presented to the readers. To ensure that the article meets the required standards and does not fail the test of authenticity in the eyes of the readers, it is paramount to go through it not only once but severally to check for how well the sentences are arranged, how the grammar rules have been applied and if the document has a logical flow right from the beginning to the very end. When revising the document;

  • Seek the audience of the professionals or peers who are well versed with critiquing documents such as expository Essays

  • To get the flow, students are encouraged to read out the document loud to themselves so with an imagination that someone else is reading it. This will help in establishi9ng the possible mistakes there might be in addition to critically listening to the document’s word being read.

  • Check the consistency and logical flow. This requires reading and rereading.

  • There is always online editing software that can be used to fine tune the piece. One can subject the article to these checkers, but more importantly, they shouldn’t forget to do manual editing.

Writing an expository essay, when not done properly, will expose the writer’s weaknesses in terms of writing and for this treason. It is advised that the writer gets himself or herself ready for the task by making the right choice in terms of the topic and understanding what expository essay is. The importance of good research prior to writing exposes one’s enthusiasm and interest in the topic. This is also brought out in the writing itself. The persona of the writer is critically underlying the entire writing, and that is why any detachment from the article will automatically come out in the article. Expository essay writing is not a hard task when it comes from the heart of the writer.

A great article other than being informed by credible sources and reputable authors must also factor in imagination. The greatest tool as brought out in expository essay examples is the imagination of the writer.


The expository essays are greater writing to express one’s point of view and explain their understanding of an issue. This task is best suited for people who want to live a lasting mark in the creative writing industry. To write this article requires some knowledge and hard work in terms of extracting information from as many sources as possible so that the writer can develop their own creativity. This basically is the basis for what is an expository essay.