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Debate Topics

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Of course, you cannot make tasty pizza without the dough, right? Well, the same applies when it comes to looking for the best debate topics. Yes, for you any debate to work, you’ll need to get your hands on all the much-needed resources.

Now, are you wondering how you can get your hands on good debate topics? Just start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What are your interests?
  • What type of controversial debate topics would you like to talk about?
  • Can you think of any controversial topics 2018?
  • What kind of debate and discussion audience do you have?

Once you ask yourself these simple questions, now try to combine them into a topic that you are passionate about. If you’re still stuck, we have listed some argumentative, persuasive, and controversial topics. These ideas might be just what you’re looking for!

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Good Debate Topics for High School Students

Can you recall the debates you used to have back in high school? This is the stage of learning where a student begins to understand and ask themselves controversial questions on the society, state of politics and generally how the world works. So, if you’re looking for exciting debate and discussion topics for your high school students, here are a couple of helpful examples:

  • Is It Unethical Or Okay For People To Justify Animal Testing?
  • Should We Ban Or Continue With The Death Penalty?
  • Do You Believe That Countries Are Doing Enough To Solve The Problem Of Global Warming?
  • Is The American War On Terror Justified?
  • Are Co-Ed Schools Better Than Single-Sex Institutions?
  • Is Television An Efficient Tool In Proper Brain Formation For Children?
  • Do School Uniforms Improve The Quality Of Teaching In A School?
  • Should Notorious Minors Face Prison Sentences Or Is It Too A Bit Too Harsh?
  • Should Schools Offer Day Care Services To Students With Children?
  • Is The High School Grading System Effective?

Controversial Topics for All College Students

Once people get to college, they begin to understand how the entire world works. They also develop set standards and beliefs based on the issues they feel are immoral or moral. With that in mind, here are the most controversial topics for college debaters:

  • Are Cell Phones Helpful Or Should They Be Banned In Schools?
  • Do You Feel That We Should Ban Violent Sports And Games Like American Football For Safety Concerns?
  • Should College Students Be Allowed To Move In Together Before Marriage?
  • Are The College Assignments Away Crucial Family Time From The Life Of Students?
  • Is Co-Ed A Good Or Bad Idea?
  • Are School Administrations Doing Enough To Protect Their Students From Gang Violence?
  • Are CCTV Cameras in Schools an Invasion of Student’s Privacy or a Critical Security Surveillance Tool?
  • Is Human Cloning Acceptable Or Does It Represent The Moral Degradation Of Society?
  • Is Sex Education Important Or Unnecessary In Our Colleges?
  • Are Curfews An Effective Method Of Keeping Teens Out Of Trouble?

Most Controversial Topics on Politics and Legislation

Are you okay with the manner in which the country is being governed? Can you look for some good debate topics based on the things that have brought a smile on your face or do you have any apprehensions? Whichever the case, here are some controversial topics 2018, designed to keep your audience at the ‘edge of their seats’:

  • Was The Late American President G. W. Bush A Revolutionary Or Not?
  • What Do You Think Is The Biggest Threat To Our National Security?
  • Should Donald Trump Be Impeached In 2019 Or Is He Doing A Remarkable Job?
  • Who Do You Feel Should Be The Next Democratic Candidate In The United States?
  • Is The UK Worried About The Trade Deals Being Signed Between China And African States?
  • Do You Think That Capital Punishment Reduced The Violent Crime Rate In The Country?
  • Should We Allow Affirmative Action?
  • Do You Believe The New Developments Showing That Russia Has Been Tampering With The US Mid-Term Polls?
  • President Obama Vs. President Lincoln: Who Do You Think Would Win A Presidential Debate If It Was Held Today?
  • Should The Freedom Of Speech Come With Certain Restrictions?

Here Are Some Funny Debate and Discussion Topics

Debate topics should not be too serious. You can also make them as humorous as possible. Such is because, at times, the issues we are passionate about may appear humorous to some people. Take a look at these ideas:

  • Do We Live To Eat Or Eat To Live?
  • Should We Allow Young Men To Marry Old Women?
  • Being Dishonest And Wealthy Or Honest And Poor: Which One Would You Prefer?
  • Is Night Dreaming Better Than Daydreaming?
  • Do You Think A Vampire Would Get HIV/AIDS If It Sucked The Blood Of An Infected Person?
  • What Are The Benefits Of Being A Woman Over A Man?
  • Is Pizza The Best Snack On The Planet?
  • Harry Potter Or The Twilight Saga: Which Of These Two Collections Of Books Made The Best Movies?
  • Are Human Beings Also Aliens Of Some Sort?
  • Do You Believe In The Possibilities Of Life After Death Or Is It A Biblical Myth?

Interesting Controversial Debate Topics on Our Health and Lifestyle

When you think about it, should we maintain healthy bodies if we intend to live a long and happy life? Well, this is one of the controversial questions facing most of us today. After all, it’s clear that we are misusing our bodies through the food we eat and by the way we live.

Luckily, using these controversial topics, you can have an engaging debate that educates and inspires your audience to adopt a healthy life:

  • Is It Better To Become A Vegetarian Instead Of Eating Meaty Products?
  • Can The Obesity Problem In The United States Be Resolved?
  • Are Cell Phone Radiations Causing Cancer?
  • Do You Feel That People Should Have A Diet That’s Gluten-Free?
  • Is Genetic Engineering Useful For Food Crops Or Is It Another Health Hazard?
  • Should School Administrations Ban Sugary Snacks And Sodas From Their Schools?
  • Cardio Vs. Weightlifting: Which Is The More Efficient Method Of Reducing Weight?
  • Do You Feel That There Are Any Cons To The Consumption Of Dairy Products?
  • Are Flu Shots Efficient For All Risk Groups?
  • Is The Government Doing Enough To Protect Pregnant Mothers While In The Hospital?
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Amazing Debate Topics on the Media in 2018

Communication companies have been crucial throughout the year in delivering information from all corners of the world right to our living rooms. However, this is an industry which continues to receive huge public criticism and at the same time great praise from the public. Whichever direction you choose to look at things, here are some of the most controversial topics touching on the media:

  • Were You Pleased With The Way The World Leading Broadcasters Streamed The World Cup Tournament In Russia?
  • Are Media Personalities Getting Excessive Salaries?
  • When You Post Your Videos Online, Are You Exercising Your Freedom Of Speech?
  • Is The Media Putting Too Much Pressure On Girls On The Need To Develop A Perfect Body?
  • Are Celebrities Using Photoshop To Improve Their Brand Image?
  • Has CNN Done A Good Job In Bringing News Closer To The People In 2018?
  • Has The Media Done Enough To Inform The Public On Essential Government Policies In 2018?


Why should you keep searching for the most persuasive, argumentative, and controversial debate topics with all these ideas now at your disposal? Even so, from all these ideas, it’s clear that you have countless options that will help you in presenting an educational and informative debate. Furthermore, using this list of debate topics, you have the perfect avenue of expressing your feelings regarding a certain issue.