Frankenstein Essay Topics

Frankenstein Essay Topics

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If you hate literature, you probably will be clueless if your prof asked you to write a Frankenstein essay. No need to worry, we will help you find the killer Frankenstein essay topics that will surely impress your prof. Frankenstein is such a big hit novel, so you will never run out of choices of arguments. You could write about Frankenstein themes, characters, symbols, imagery, genre, or writing style. Below are some essay topics for Frankenstein you can consider writing:

  1. Write about the emotions involved in the novel.

  2. Discuss betrayal and describe how it contributes to the completion of the work.

  3. Write about the reasons for creating the monster.

  4. What the monster represents. Is it just for the satisfaction of the creator or it has a hidden reason

  5. Character analysis. Write about Victor Frankenstein what pushes him to create the monster.

  6. Write about Victor’s failures and how he becomes a tragic hero in the story.

  7. How Victor Frankenstein became God when he created a monster.

  8. Analyze Mary Shelly’s characterization of women in the story of Frankenstein. How does she make them seem resistless or dominated?

  9. Why the monster has never given a name?

  10. Analyze the role of the character in the story and the different conflicts they encountered.

  11. Critically analyze a character and ask relevant questions.

  12. The story is not only about revenge and guilt. It also has some romantic elements, you write about it.

  13. Compare the monster and its creator.

  14. Write about the monster confusions – the reason why he exists.

  15. Describe how people treat the monster.

  16. Compare the people’s reaction during that time and how people will react today.

  17. You can write about why the creator abandoned the monster.

  18. How the monster remains calm and remorseful, in spite of the fact he wants revenge.

  19. What is the role of Robert Walton to the creators’ life?

  20. Describe the relevance of Frankenstein story to today’s modern world.

  21. Write about Walton focus on the part how the captain’s narration impacts the novel.

  22. How Robert Walton affects the reader’s interpretation of events and characters.

  23. Can the character of Victor Frankenstein be considered a villain or a hero?

  24. Compare and contrast the character of Victor Frankenstein and the monster.

  25. Describe the role of each character in the novel and how Mary Shelley describes them.

  26. Compare and contrast the appearance of the monster in the novel to other novels.

  27. Write about what would happen if Victor created a lady monster.

  28. What makes Mary Shelley’s novel an interesting topic for students.

  29. If you also watched the film adaptation of the novel, you can compare and contrast the novel and the film.

  30. Describe the relationship between Victor Frankenstein and the monster.

  31. Describe Victor Frankenstein as the new Prometheus.

  32. Describe how Mary Shelley limits her story so it will not go beyond its boundaries.

  33. Describe the irony in Victor Frankenstein’s decision to leave England.

  34. Write about the effects of interrupting the natural order of life to a person’s life and sanity.

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Essay Ideas About Frankenstein Literary Devices

The topics under literary devices are symbolism and foreshadowing. To write about symbolism, you need to carefully evaluate and go more in-depth on the vital things mentioned in the story. Try to analyze what are they trying to symbolize. Foreshadowing is giving an idea of what will happen in the latter part of the story. Sometimes you don’t know it is foreshadowing until you reach the end. This technique is applied not just in literature, but also in TV, movies or plays. You can write about the following:

  1. Analyze what light and fire are trying to symbolize.

  2. How the sun symbolizes knowledge.

  3. How the monster realized the hidden power of fire that it is not just to give light but also it means danger.

  4. What does Captain Walton’s ship symbolize?

  5. What does sickness symbolizes in the novel? It could be a symbolism of Victor’s guilt.

  6. Write how Mary Shelley correlates sickness with guilt.

  7. Mary Shelley also describes in the novel how hard it is to keep a secret, particularly to your loved ones. You can write what secrets and its effects symbolize.

  8. The consequences of Victor’s Discoveries can be symbolized by the death, misery, and sickness.

  9. Similarities of Victor Frankenstein and the Monster.

  10. Discuss how Victor narrates his story to Walton and how he uses the words destiny and faith that predicts the outcome of the story.

  11. Write about how Frankenstein search for the enlightenment and talked about the dangers that go with it.

  12. Write about how the author show loneliness in the story.

  13. Talk about the nature of betrayal.

  14. Discuss how the role of women is being portrayed in the novel.

  15. Write about the ethical issues that might arise in the present society because of Victor using parts of the animal for his experiment.

  16. Why the monster was nameless all throughout the story. What does it symbolize?

  17. Victor created the monster using the different parts of dead persons. What does each part symbolize?

  18. Discuss the role of the society according to the novel.

  19. Why Mary Shelly’s novel also called the Modern Prometheus?

  20. What are the different literary devices used to create the monster image?

  21. The similarities of the monster and the unwanted child.

  22. Why women were never represented in the novel?

  23. How the weather is used to symbolize the mood of writing.

  24. What is the hidden message of the novel?

  25. How the monster expresses his feelings.

  26. Is the monster deserve to be called a masterpiece.

  27. Discuss on your own view is the monster a human or a machine.

  28. Describe the internal world of the main character.

  29. Compare yourself to Frankenstein, how would you behave if you were on his shoes.

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Frankenstein Argumentative Essay Topics

An argumentative essay presents arguments about both sides of the story. Both sides are equally presented, or it may present only one side of the story more powerful than the other. It all depends on how you will write it, and what side you support the most. Some of the argumentative essay topics you can write about Mary Shelley’s novel are as follows:

  1. Argue that the novel is an extraordinary piece of writing without analogs.

  2. Look for something that will support your argument that Frankenstein the monster is the kindest creature on earth.

  3. Should the monster have a partner on the story?

  4. The importance of Robert Walton’s character.

  5. The main role of the society in the novel.

  6. The monster is a controversial character.

  7. The horrible face is not a determining factor of how kind and noble a person is.

  8. People are being judged based on their appearance.

  9. Argue that the monster was treated badly because of his ugly look.

  10. Women are not well represented in the novel.

  11. The creature is fighting social issue on his own.

  12. People will show less compassion for ugly individuals.

  13. Argue that the novel is not about being scared and revenge, it has a deeper meaning that readers failed to analyze.

  14. Is the monster evil or a victim of the writers search for knowledge?

  15. Is Walton character needed in the story or not?

  16. The primary impact of the society in the novel.

  17. The controversy behind the monster’s character and his creator.

  18. Victor failed to help his creation merge into society.

  19. Frankenstein the monster deserves empathy.

  20. Is the foreshadowing in the book effective or too obvious?

  21. The monster can decide on his own.

  22. Solitude has different effects on Victor and the monster.

  23. Victor Frankenstein is the real monster.

  24. State if Victor’s style is worth the reader’s sympathy.

  25. The battle between human life and scientific discoveries.

  26. The message Mary Shelley wants to convey to her readers.

  27. Argue how his relentless search for knowledge becomes his tragic fate.

  28. Is the real character of the individual can be manifested on the way he looks.

  29. Is Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein a realization of how cruel people are?

  30. Character’s viewpoint has a major effect on the story.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a better idea on what topic to choose for your Frankenstein essay topics, would you be scared if you are being asked to write about it in the future? The secret for an impressive Frankenstein essay is to select the right topic and write the article accordingly.

The writing process is a bit tricky, but if you know how to do it, you will not have a hard time composing it. You can start with the prewriting strategies, or you can make an outline. Proceed with drafting your essay and don’t forget the last step, reviewing and revising. Frankenstein essay may sound like a hefty task, but once you learn how to write it, you will be impressed with the result. If you think you are having a hard time writing, you can always ask an expert help.