Personal Narrative Ideas

Personal Narrative Ideas

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When lecturers assign narrative essay assignments to their students, many of them think that it’s another chance for them to talk about themselves. Well, this is not always the case. Instead, you can come up with a fantastic paper by creating a story that describes memorable events in your life, or you could talk about your role model.

Basically, to write a masterpiece, take time and come up with the most suitable topic. Now, although there are several personal narrative essay ideas online, none of them match our selection. Here, pick the topic that will help take your audience through your most exciting memories. After all, remember that it’s your responsibility as a student to create a personal narrative essay that impresses and inspires your readers.

Why is it Essential for You to Find the Best Personal Narrative Essay Topic?

What is a personal narrative essay? While this is a question that continues to trouble many students, what you need to know is that in most cases, before a student writes such a paper, he or she is presented with two options: To go with the topic provided by the instructor or look for some personal narrative ideas to talk about.

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Whichever the case, a unique narrative speech topic determines if your paper will be successful or not. Therefore, you should do as much as you can to ensure that your final piece is exciting and attractive to read.

Here Are the Different Types of Personal Narrative Ideas

The freedom of choice is something that troubles many narrative essay writers. Such is because, when we are allowed to write something based on our experience, we often lack ideas. While you might be tempted to use the first thing that comes to your mind, the results are not pleasing at all.

So, here we will show you how to write a personal narrative paper by putting together a couple of interesting examples. What’s more, for your convenience, we have organized them in subtopics and included a brief introduction to each subtopic to further assist you in determining what you wish to write. Have a look!

Narrative Essay Topics on Your Life’s Experiences

The principal objective of this personal narrative essay is to show you how you can express yourself in a literal manner. This means that you will have to brainstorm every thought on your positive and negative life experiences.

Provide as much information to explain your experience as this attracts the attention of your readers. Wondering how to write a personal narrative on your life’s experiences? Here are some personal narrative examples you could talk:

  • Most Embarrassing Life Experience
  • A Frightening Experience That Changed Your Life
  • An Experience Which Showed You Your Real Value In Life
  • Something You Went Through That Taught You To Appreciate Life More
  • The Day You Learned How To Be Courageous
  • The Most Unpleasant And Unpleasant Encounter With A Family Member
  • Memorable Days Together With Family And Friends
  • Describe The Moment When You First Fell In Love
  • Talk About The Things You Learned From Your First Ever Job
  • Share A Personal Experience That Made You Appreciate Your Religion
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Childhood Personal Narrative Ideas to Inspire Your College Writing

Childhood is a time of first experiences and bright impressions. As children, we were sincere and naïve, plus we had the tendency of getting involved in almost all ridiculous situations. Now, if you don’t have a compelling narrative essay to share with your readers, you can start with these few ideas:

  • Talk About The First Time You Got Terribly Hurt While On The School Playground
  • A Unique Childhood Experience Which Helped You In Growing Up
  • Describe The Most Memorable Birthday Party
  • Who Did You Want To Be While Growing Up?
  • Which Game Did You Love Playing While Young And Why?
  • Talk About Your First Childhood Fight
  • Explain The Reasons Which Make You Miss Your Childhood
  • Which Childhood Toy Or Possession Did You Love Most?
  • Which Was Your Favorite Fairytale And Cartoon Character?
  • Describe The Games You Enjoyed Playing While Young And Why You Miss Them!

Personal Narrative Examples on Your Years in School

School is the only path in adulthood where kids gain essential experience and knowledge. School years come with different challenges meant to develop the personality of a child.

Therefore, your experiences in school and the problems you overcame are special, unique and things you need to share with your readers. However, if you are going through a ‘writer’s block’ we hope that these personal narrative essay ideas will give you something to talk about:

  • Which Was Your Favorite Subject In School And Why?
  • A Disastrous Event Which Happened To You In Class
  • Talk About The Teacher Who Inspired Your Career And Life Choices?
  • Which Were Your Favorite Subjects In Elementary School?
  • How Have Your Childhood Tutors Contributed To The Person You’ve Grown Up To Be?
  • How Many Teachers Have Earned The Title Of Being Called Your ‘Role Model?’
  • Is There Any Childhood Teacher That You’re Still Friends With?
  • Talk About A Time When You Performed Remarkably Well In School
  • Most Exciting And Memorable School Events
  • Describe The Time You Got Caught Cheating In A Text And The Actions That Were Taken

Wrap Up

The question, ‘what is a personal narrative essay?’ should no longer trouble you with all these helpful writing tips and topic examples by your side. Remember that our lives are closely connected to the relationships we built along the way. On top of that, we all have personal memories of our friends, family, and other beloved people.