100 + Research Topics For College Students

100 + Research Topics For College Students

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With all the work there is to do, student’s minds can become fixated on all sorts of things. When one has to write their essay, what topic will they choose? It may seem like an easy task to choose an essay but often with too many options available, it becomes difficult to hone in on one great question. Fortunately in this article, we’re going to present you with a large amount of topics for you to choose from. We will also be providing you with some all important essay tips that are important to follow. Rest assured that by the end of this article, you’ll be well equipped to handle any college essay!

Essay writing tips

Before you dive into a research topic, it’s important that you get acquainted with some of the following tips. Take note because they could cost you the good grades you deserve to get!

  • Give yourself enough time to complete the essay – no leaving it till the last minute!

  • Read and understand your essay question before you attempt to answer it.

  • Start off by brainstorming some ideas and seeing where they take you.

  • Put together a comprehensive understanding before you dive deep and write the main body of the essay.

  • Work your way through a reading list.

  • Ask librarians for help – they will be able to assist you (you’ll need credible material and sources to study and reference)

  • Research all sides of the argument, not just what’s on the face of it.

  • Keep a dictionary within arms reach.

  • Formulate your own opinion. Don’t just put down what others have said for the whole essay.

  • Be aware of bad source material and always go with the most credible sources, i.e. reputable books, peer reviewed articles and reports.

  • Don’t save the referencing to the end. Do it on the go – it will be easier!

  • Don’t forget to proofread and edit at the end.


There are all sorts of psychology research paper topics for college students, delving in various different subsets of psychology. There is so much to say on the subject, we could list topics for days! Take a look and see if there are any research topics in psychology for college students that you would find useful.

  • What is ordinary mental working?
  • Are there reactions to taking Prozac?
  • How might you advise people when they are prepared to quit consuming medications for depression?
  • For what reason are dreams hard to recollect?
  • What do recurring dreams mean?
  • How do colours influence our mindset?
  • Who is Freud? What did he accept? How significant is Freud for present psychiatry?
  • Recognize and characterize the various ways of thinking that are most normal in mental health practice today.
  • Do women endure more psychological issues than men?
  • What makes a few women have post pregnancy anxiety?
  • What is the best way to deal with and maintain well being during post natal depression?
  • What is postpartum anxiety, or “Postnatal depression?” Is it a psychological maladjustment?
  • For what reason do some mothers become so sick that they hurt their kids?
  • For what reason do women experience despondency?
  • How do psychological maladjustments influence women?
  • How does Infertility influence psychological wellbeing in women?
  • What are the reactions of antidepressants for women?
  • What is the impact of long narcotic use for women?
  • For what reason do women commit suicide more regularly than men?
  • How do women’ side effects of pressure vary from men?
  • Dr. Wanda K. Jones expresses that women’s psychological wellbeing is basic to their general wellbeing and the strength of our Nation. Agree or disagree?
  • How do women’s kinships add to great or poor emotional well-being?
  • How is kid misuse identified with psychological well-being issues?
  • How do relationship issues harm young lady’s psychological well-being?
  • What are the indications of a dietary issue?
  • How might you help somebody who has a dietary problem?
  • In what capacity can guardians help their girls have great emotional wellbeing?
  • How does the changing hormone levels of women influence their emotional wellbeing?
  • What is the procedure of training to become a therapist?
  • How does absence of rest influence our psychological state?
  • How does REM rest influence our psychological state?
  • Do we need a specific measure of how to translate dreams?
  • Will exercise improve your emotional well-being?
  • What is the most ideal approach to keep your mind solid as you age?
  • What are the phases of mental health in newborn children?
  • For what reason do kids need to play with others?


With all the sociology research topics for college students out there, some people can get perplexed. We’ve done the hard work by focusing on the best of the bunch. Take a look at the best topics to use below.

  • The Impacts of separation on youngsters
  • How does cross-racial reception influence youngsters and society?
  • How should guardians impact a youngster’s life?
  • How does single child rearing influence a kid?
  • Social projects for kids who experience troubles in correspondence with guardians.
  • Is it conceivable to bring a solid youngster up in an unusual family?
  • Characteristics of child rearing at LGBT families
  • How have universal relationship issues changed over time?
  • How have universal relational unions impacted upon youngsters?
  • What is the relationship among race and pregnancy?
  • How does remote schooling impact schoolwork?
  • How do racial generalizations influence confidence?
  • The death of nationalism.
  • Devoted assessment in various nations
  • The relationship between economic well being and nationalism .
  • Other people embrace nationalism?
  • Sexual orientation generalization in the media
  • The sexual orientation jobs and family life
  • Homosexuality and nationality: is there a connection?
  • Sexual orientation – At what age should youngsters again asking questions?
  • Should sexual orientation studies be provided at school?
  • The historical backdrop of women’s rights in various nations.
  • How sex studies influence confidence.
  • The sanctioning of LGBT in various families.
  • How does nationality influence a vocation in legislative foundations?
  • How do informal communities impact other communities?
  • The impacts of internet based life on individuals. Do they make individuals feel forlorn and self-fixated?
  • Interpersonal organizations enslavement – a study.
  • Is compulsion on informal communities just appropriate to youngsters?
  • The impact of rom-coms on women.
  • The connection between social gatherings and class.
  • How are secure interpersonal organizations?
  • Is it safe to share your own information by means of interpersonal organizations? Who has an enthusiasm for your data?
  • Relationships – online versus off-line
  • Is blogging turning into another calling?
  • Is anorexia a consequence of internet based life showcasing? How can one deal with it,
  • Social achievement examples that working class children have accomplished.
  • Humanism, families and marriage.
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There is so much that one can learn from history. Likewise, there are also so many history research paper topics for college students. Don’t worry as we’ve selected only the best. See if any of them are appealing to you.

  • What was the Gutenberg Bible?
  • What affected the guillotine have on the French Revolution?
  • Which cultures took control of the Nile Valley in the previous century?
  • Outline the problems of religion.
  • Effect of Hinduism on the history.
  • The living conditions of gladiators in the Roman times.
  • How have Italian Renaissance painters benefited from Petra Nash?
  • The top 10 battles in the Second World War.
  • How the Sphinx was built back in the day.
  • Who have the least respected societies been throughout our time?
  • The ways that Muslims have been treated in the last hundred years.
  • The 17th century royalty and the concept of divine rights.
  • How do people build cathedrals?
  • How is the feudal system operated over time?
  • Henry VIII’s wives who was the best one?
  • Who was Austria’s most influential composer and why?
  • This man cultures throughout history.
  • Egyptian pharaohs and how they influence the world.
  • Inuit cultures throughout history.
  • The effect of Muslim faith throughout history.
  • What was wrong with Ataturk’s policies? Did they help people in Turkey?
  • Who was Germany’s most famous composer and why?
  • The ways that Jews have been treated in the last hundred years.
  • What has the battle of Bosworth done for the UK?
  • What well the purpose of morality plays in mediaeval England?
  • The top 10 battles in the Korean War.
  • The effects of the Jewish faith in the last century.
  • The differences between religions in the last hundred years.
  • The top 10 battles in the First World War.
  • Tribal cultures in Africa.
  • What were the roles of the Shogun in Japan?
  • The child emperors of Rome.
  • What has been the impact of slave trading on European economy?
  • Outline the effects of the byzantine empire.
  • How did the silk Road operate?
  • How have the Jaffa riots impacted society?
  • He was China’s most influential composer and what did they bring to nationalism?


Everybody wants to make money and succeed in business. Take a look at these business research topics for college students. Hopefully one day your essay will inspire you to find success.

  • Start-ups in the 21st century.
  • Teenage businesses.
  • The small business as the forefront of the economy.
  • Business dealings in Third World nations.
  • Tax and business.
  • The ethics of tax and trade..
  • The differences between cultures of business between different countries.
  • How one can market to their target audience.
  • What is best for business?
  • Crisis management in business.
  • Risk-taking in business.
  • Markets and why they failed.
  • Free-market capitalism and the death of business.
  • The effect of monopolies on the market.
  • Personal relationships and business dealings can things run together?
  • Different types of dynasty’s in business.
  • Copyright law and how it influences business.
  • The success of franchises on economic growth.
  • Changes in consumer behaviour in the past hundred years.
  • Charity as strategy for business success.
  • Outsourcing abroad the advantages and the disadvantages.
  • Increasing production through ecology.
  • Our corporate future in terms of rituals in business.
  • Negotiation and diplomacy in business.
  • The environment and how it influences business.
  • Relationships between government and private equity firms.
  • The feature of brands in the 21st-century.
  • Military service and how it affects business.
  • The culture of consumerism and how it has an impact on trade.
  • The differing ways that businesses market using social media.
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The education system is so complex that there are so many educational research topics for college students. We’ve only selected the best topics for you, so take a look. There are a large variety that you can choose from.

  • How can we employ standardised testing to improve our educational system?
  • Do college graduates actually make a lot more money than others who haven’t attended college?
  • Should education be free for everybody?
  • How can technology modernised our teaching methods for the future?
  • Why do people think school is boring?
  • How can we use technology to adapt teaching methods for blind children?
  • The effect of metal detection employment at schools.
  • A study into social networks and schools.
  • How has standardised testing impacted upon student grades the 21st century?
  • To what extent does a label such as gifted increase student cooperation?
  • The effect of ADHD on children in schools.
  • Why do people drop out of school?
  • The different effects of technology on classrooms and education.
  • What can cause a teacher to burnouts?
  • What can cause some schools to fail in terms of providing education?
  • What have some of the effects of learning on student engagement when students have been offered iPads and computers in the class?
  • What effect this physical education have on elementary school student concentration?
  • Should we make all schools coed or are single sex schools a much better system?
  • How do school programs act against bullying?
  • What are some of the pros and cons of school uniform?
  • How have fillies managed to impact teachers at educational institutions?
  • What are some of the effects of running high school campuses which are open to everybody?
  • The differing effects of teaching methods between different cultures.
  • What are some of the implications of student education when districts have had schooling all year round?
  • Can teachers teach better when they have iPads and smart ports in the class?
  • What has caused some American students to lag behind students from Third World countries?
  • Effective long school days on educational performance.
  • Effects of technology on lesson planning and delivery.
  • The effects of parent involvement in the education system.
  • The impacts of fine art education on student concentration.
  • How has homeschooling changed over the past century?