2 Descriptive Essay Examples

2 Descriptive Essay Examples

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Essay writing is mandatory in all college courses, and only a handful possesses adequate writing skills required to produce excellent descriptive essays. Most students find the process of learning and practicing writing essays quite challenging and annoying to the extent of losing interest. Few students get to learn from their mistakes, and this process can become more comfortable and more enjoyable through learning a few tips on the dos and don’ts while writing descriptive essays. You could also learn from the mistakes of others by reading a descriptive essay example or two.

The Dos of Descriptive Essays

The following are some basic tips and a good starting point for the students who have difficulty in composing good descriptive essays:

Do Use Advanced Vocabulary

Testing the ability to select proper vocabulary and apply language expertize is part of the assignment. As you advance in the levels of study, your vocabulary should as well. Simple words like sweet and wrong should be replaced by more advanced synonyms to show like shades of meaning. Seamlessly applying the new complex vocabulary learned in the current level is the right way of exercising language skills.

Do Choose the Right Language

Language is a core element of all essay types. The type of language used indicates the mastery to research and analyze the subject, defending personal opinions as well as precisely describing the points of view. Academic writing permits formal language and writers should learn the appropriate grammar, syntax, and vocabulary to enrich their language.

Do Create a Statement

This section comprises the central idea that will form the basis of the descriptive essay. The statement acts as the opening sentence and sets out the way information relays in the rest of the essay. This opening statement in the introductory paragraph formulates the framework of the topic.

Do Get the Senses Right

One of the core objectives of descriptive essays is to invoke all the five faculties of the reader’s mind. After identifying the topic, next, identify the sensations or feeling that one wishes to associate the subject. The primary task of the writer is to supply vivid sensory accounts that support their thesis. Fill details according to the recognized senses relevant to the topic. These details should be fascinating and will be the points of view in the paragraphs of the essay.

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Do Create an Outline

The outline of descriptive essays should bear the list of details of discussion of each of the essay’s paragraphs. Junior level writers are usually limited to about five paragraphs including the introduction and conclusion. But senior writers are not limited to the number of paragraphs as they are expected to handle complex outlines. The outline helps retain the focus on the subject of discussion, and the points of description make sense. Despite less restriction on essay length, writers should be keen not to produce lengthy unfocused articles. Following these steps to have a well-structured outline:

  • Place the thesis statement first
  • List major points
  • List supporting ideas
  • Sub-divide supporting ideas filling in details, until the framework is fully developed

Do Conclude

Summarizing the essay with a final reaffirming statement is a perfect way of signing off. The last comment should be well written out to refresh the entire article as this is the final thing in the reader’s mind. The elements of the conclusion stay fresh in the memory long after reading the essay. Writing the most compelling summaries is the surest way to be most impressionable for the longest time after reading the article.

The Don’ts of Descriptive Essays

Do Not Address the Reader

When writing an essay, it is appropriate not to address the reader. It is considered a skill for fiction writing where the writer needs to appeal to the reader’s attitudes and emotions. For reporting facts in descriptive writing, detaching from personal passions is a sure way of remaining objective and relevant to the subject.

Don’t Start an Essay with “in this/my essay” Phrase

The introduction of the essay must be in the present tense and reveal what to expect in the rest of the article. A compelling introduction that fascinates the reader to keep reading must portray language proficiency and a good grasp of the subject matter. Read through a descriptive essay sample to see how other writers handle this part.

Don’t Rely Only on Spell Checkers

Most spellchecker software proofread the essay while writing but relying on them alone is not recommended for students. Despite this fact, they are handy for writers but weaken the vocabulary skills of students. They cannot effectively eliminate all errors and structure the article in proper grammar and syntax.


Writing an excellent descriptive essay is essentially giving a detailed explanation of a particular feature or phenomenon. To write excellent academic papers for this type of essay, adhere to the set regulation, remain within the context and exercise best language skills.

Here are some descriptive essay examples to help you see how to translate these tips on paper. Note that plagiarizing any of these descriptive essay samples is an essay crime!



Descriptive Essay Sample One: The Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron is the zenith in the automotive industry of the internal combustion engine supercars. This engineering miracle is a mid-engine two-seat car that’s produced by Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S in Molsheim, France, to succeed the Bugatti Veyron. Holding the record for the fastest street-legal car, its top speed is limited to two hundred and seventy-one miles per hour. The technological advancements responsible for this breakthrough explored in this essay.

The engine of the Chiron is designed to achieve performances never imagined in the automobile industry. The setting of the new engine borrows a lot from its predecessor, the Veyron. It maintains the similar orientation of sixteen cylinders arranged in a ‘W’ formation. The new engine is capable of producing an extreme power output of one thousand five hundred horsepowers. No other car has built can handle such monstrous power. To break the two hundred and fifty miles per hour speed barrier, a more capable engine is inevitable, and the Chiron’s new motor offers the solution.

Subsequently, the need for a body that can withstand the new engine arises. This challenge made engineers rethink the manufacturing process for automotive body parts. They soon discovered the best material to craft the majestic body form is carbon fiber. This material offers many more advantages over the conventional metal bodies. It handles the immense vibrations produced by the engine better than metal parts. Carbon fiber is almost five times lighter than metal and depending on the crafting techniques can achieve double the strength ratios of metallic bodies. Now that there is a body that fits the engine, the next challenge is tapping the incredible power from the engine.

A gearbox is used to transform the high-speed engine rotation power into slow speed high torque force applied to move the massive vehicle. A unique gearbox is required for the Chiron because all available units cannot handle the engine specification. A new seven-speed dual clutch system was developed to fit the engine’s performance parameters. The new gearbox features the fastest transmission speeds: the car’s computer system electronically controls the shifting. The gearbox is capable of tapping the engine’s power but putting it on the asphalt presents an even more significant challenge.

On this account, the engineering team had to develop new suspensions and tires. It is now apparent that all the parts of the Chiron ought to be custom built. Furthermore, these parts needed to exceed the standard performance parts by several margins. The suspension system is electronic and digitally controlled by the car’s digital operations. Only computer-controlled suspensions should fit into supercars, and so the Chiron has the best top performer. The tires were developed by aerospace engineers using jet fighter technology to give the Chiron’s performance a perfect match.


The Chiron packaged in a beautiful and magnificent presentation is factory customized to suit the buyer’s individual preferences. It is an engineering marvel that breaks the performance barrier like no other car ever built. Every performance part of the hypercar is engineered to fit top quality performance specification yet retaining unparalleled beauty. It is considered the most probable epitome of the gas engine hypercar as the dawn the electric cars is being ushered in with early contenders outperforming the Chiron on some crucial milestones.


Descriptive Essay Example Two: The Advent of Ecommerce

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E-commerce is a new phenomenon in the twenty-first century that is rapidly transforming trade on global scales. The concept quickly spread across the world due to the rapid penetration of the internet and the universal policy of Globalization. In simple terms, it is the trading activities conducted over the internet whereby sellers post their trade items on websites and buyers purchase them from remote locations. Depending on the type of trade commodity deliveries are arranged, and the trade cycle is successful. Discussed herein are factors contributing to the rapid spread of e-commerce and how it has changed business frontiers.

The internet is the main essence of this concept and all the advantages the internet bear favor it as well. The proliferation of the internet to all part of the world has dramatically boosted the development of e-commerce over the last decade. The internet is the primary social medium and ideas based on it tend to flourish rapidly. Currently, the wealthiest individuals and organizations around the globe have substantial interests with the internet. At the dawn of the millennium, the feeble ideas linked to the internet are now large multinational entities. The versatility of the internet integrates with full measure: access to the internet means access to all stores online currently operating in that location.

E-commerce offers sellers the opportunity to market their commodities to the buyers directly. It gets better as its access to more buyers is guaranteed at a fraction of the cost of the conventional methods. Organizations that use this online mode of operation to sell their items have significantly cut down on marketing costs over a short time. Boosting sales by accessing more buyers is an excellent strategy to ensure more profit.

Although accessing more buyers might sound juicy, it might turn out to be a nightmare if an active medium of trading is absent. At the fall of the twentieth-century, e-commerce might not have taken root when digitization came forth. Soon afterward the digital era swept over the globe, and every system is now digitized or is underway. This aspect favors e-commerce because any digital system is incorporable into the internet meaning direct access to e-commerce. The advantage presented by this mode of trade is that less time is spent in the trade cycle which means more profit generated. Saving more than a third the time taken to sell and buy means more than a third more profit made.

Consequently, for the seller, there is no more need for the costly front office stores in the business district. All transaction originates from a remote warehouse at the same time housing all the commodities. From the remote location, all dispatches take place, and the buyers served at their convenience: it is a real win-win situation.


The concept is rapidly taking root across all players in the economy. Manufactures and producers realize how much the unlimited potential this concept bear and jumping into the wave. Today, purchased are conducted right on the production floor which is traditionally inaccessible. Indeed this is the most profound and rapidly growing concept of the new world business environment yet in the infancy stage.