Racism Thesis Statement With Examples

Racism Thesis Statement With Examples

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Racism Thesis Statement – Overview

Being a student, you’ll have to tackle a couple of assignments within the course of your studies. Key among them is racism essays, projects which are quite popular among teachers and professors. While they may seem like easy tasks, with numerous sources and topics on the internet, such projects require a bit more care and attention.

Among many things, first, you will need to come up with a powerful racism thesis statement. It should help the reader understand the message in your essay from the onset. Now, we know that this is something which causes sleepless nights for most students. That’s why we’ve put together a host of tips, guidelines and of course, examples of how to write a thesis statement about racism.

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Some Racism Thesis Statement Examples

In truth, racism is a long-lasting and pressing problem which affects millions of people from across the world. That’s why it will be so easy for you to get an informative topic in this field. It can be anything – history, politics, art, etc. You can even choose a controversial subject, but you’ll have to watch your language (avoid offensive or rude words).

Whichever the issue you decide to talk about, without a well-constructed thesis statement on racism, your paper will only get a low score. To prevent this from happening, take a look at these fantastic examples:

  • Essay on the Existence of Racism

To write a captivating article on this subject, you’ll need to find enough evidence to support your point of view. Do you agree that this kind of segregation is still a huge problem in society today? If you do, then choose a topic and come up with a thesis statement on racism that highlights the significance of this issue. For example:

It’s been proven black people are involved in more police killings than their white counterparts. In fact, Joshua Correll, A University of Colorado Boulder affirmed this in his research by designing a game where everyone got to be a police officer.

The eventual results showed that despite their race, many were willing to take the life of a black person but were hesitant when it came to that of a white person. Such shows that despite the strides made by our forefathers in eradicating us from this ‘disease,’ it continues to ‘plague’ our modern societies.

  • Racism Thesis Statement on Workplace Issues

We’ve slowly gotten used to the awful cases of workplace discrimination and even violence. Hence, if you’re writing about the state of prejudice in the workplace environment, your thesis statement for racism here should mention the problems which exist in this particular sphere. Here’s a good example:

Normally, females are subject to discrimination within the workplace. However, racism is still a serious issue as whites are considered to be more mentally superior which means that they get top-ranked jobs in the organization with high pay. On the other hand, blacks are basically known for their physicality, meaning that they get physical jobs, most of which pay less.

  • Thesis Statement for Racism on Anti-Racist People and Movements

The subject of Anti-racism involves a set of policies, movements, and beliefs which emerged to fight the effects of racism. Here, you will find men and women who rose up in one voice to campaign for an equal society. Chief among them are famous individuals like Nelson Mandela and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

If you decide to go with this topic, craft a thesis statement that brings out the emotions of your readers. It should sound something like this:

One was imprisoned for almost half his life while the other was brutally assassinated. All in all, what’s clear is that the policies, beliefs, and works of Nelson Mandela and Rev. Martin Luther King Junior have contributed greatly to the egalitarian society that we currently enjoy. In fact, it’s because of them that blacks and whites can now walk freely together on the streets, interact with each other as they look to build a brighter future.

  • Racism Thesis Statement for Advertising Essays

It’s quite hard to imagine a life without advertisements, right? Well, sadly, this is also a sector that’s filled with a lot of racism cases. For instance:

According to several studies, black men and women are underrepresented when it comes to advertisements, both online ads and television commercials. In fact, the U.S Census showed that 65 % of American Citizens are white the others are considered to be minorities. Besides, only 7% of advertisements involve blacks while other racial minorities are rarely represented.

  • Cause and Effect Racism Essay Thesis Statements

Racism has always been a delicate subject, and everyone has developed his or her own point of view on this subject. Here’s a good thesis statement for racism essay on fear and ignorance as the main causes and results of racism:

There’s no doubt that there are several issues which result from racism. Key among them is fear and the constant need for protection. Fear arises when we face something unfamiliar or when someone or something we love and cherish is put under threat. Another significant cause of racism is ignorance which makes both uneducated and unaware people condone such prejudice.

Racism Thesis Statement Examples in Art and Literature

Do you love reading books, listening to music and watching movies? Well, this is one of the areas with a huge variety of topics on racism. Below, we are going to show you how to come up with a powerful thesis statement on racism in different literature and arts productions like:

  • Disney film essays

  • Othello racism paper

  • Racism essay on ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.

  • Disney Film Essay Thesis Statement

There are a lot of racism thesis statement examples here because of the popularity that comes with Disney films. Yes, despite the exciting movies we all love watching, there are a couple of hidden issues that suggest racial discrimination. A catchy thesis statement should, therefore, sound like this:

Most people feel that Disney has taken a few racists stands in how it portrays the characters in its movies. For instance, in Jungle Book the movie, gorillas spoke in black vernacular and in the movie ‘Lady and the Trump,’ the cat-villains had an Asian accent as well as slanted eyes. In fact, over the years, it has portrayed the positive characters to be more like white people with normal features while negative aspects carry many extraordinary qualities.

  • Thesis Statement for Racism in Othello

If you are studying literature, studying the works of Shakespeare is one of the many things you’ll have to do. Othello is one of his important plays for the way it highlighted the dark issues in society like racism. It’s therefore pretty easy to come up with a powerful thesis statement explaining the racist nature of the play. For instance:

Characters like Roderigo, Brabantio, Emilia, and of course, Lago show great disrespect towards Othello who was black. They also gave him several humiliating names like ‘an old black ram,’ ‘Barbary horse,’ thick lips.’ He was even abused for marrying a white Venetian girl. Such events show the intolerance and conviction that one race is superior to the other.

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    A Thesis Statement for Racism Essay on ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee highlights the racism problem in Southern USA in the 1930s. As a student, it’s one of the best racism essays you could get as it describes racism and its effects in a nutshell. However, for the reader to grasp the message you’re trying to relay, you’ll need to come up with a clear and well-written racism thesis statement. Below is a suitable example:

When a black man called Tom Robinson was accused and later sentenced for killing Mayella Ewell, it was not because he was guilty but only due to the color of his skin. Those people who supported him like Scout, Atticus Finch, and Jem were called hurt full names like ‘Nigger lovers.’ From the events in this book, it’s clear that the word of a black man in the past century was worth nothing!

Additional Tips and Tricks on How to Write an Engaging Racism Thesis Statement

Racism is a large topic meaning that you’ll have to focus on the field that’s more interesting to you. This will help you to craft a clear and informative thesis statement with ease. For instance, you could talk about the Impact of Racism in the Civil Rights Movement which happened between the year 1954 and 1968 in the U.S.A.

Your thesis statement should also have a hook. This is basically a sentence which attracts the attention of your readers. To write a good hook, make sure that you connect with popular culture. You could even mention racism cases from their favorite programs, TV shows, and movies.

Wrap Up

While racism continues to be a pressing concern in our modern day societies, creating a powerful thesis statement should no longer trouble. With these racism thesis statement examples, you can easily convince your readers to continue reading your paper. All in all, be specific as you showcase your point of view and objective on the subject.